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The Mega Monsters team consisted of Elmosaurus, Zoeceratops, Telly Dactyl, and Rosita Raptor (in that form), who would “morph” into caped and helmeted outfits when trouble arose. Their arch-antagonist was the evil marvel alien Zostic, ruler of the planet Enormous, who would emit his underlings to cause trouble on Earth.

tatonkaman156 0 points1 point2 stage 6 months ago (2 children)If you read the pilcrow above the predictions table, the monsters who have asterisks (*) are monsters that are not yet in the marathon. The monsters without asterisks are either monsters in our Book but not yet loosen or monsters released in our marathon but no one has shared info about their usefulness so we can’t assign a true rank to them. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold6godsam 0 points1 point2 step 6 months ago (1 boy)My capital team direct now is Lugia, Charizard X, & Zapdos. I have a Lucario attendance in the wings and have two Ralts (one +P.ATK, one +SP.ATK) and am planning to go for a Gallade w/ the P.ATK one, as he’s one of my top dogs aesthetically and would seem to work well with my litter. Should I mega either Lucario or Ralts to replace Zapdos or stagnate timely. Ps. Prediction for Gallade closer to a B or S? permalinkembedsaveparentgive goldtatonkaman156 0 points1 point2 instant 6 months past (0 children)One of Lucario’s hit just got a major drop in sway, so be careful before Mega develop him inasmuch as he might get a drop in rank. permalinkembedsaveparentgive riches


By looking at the rankings in the Tier List above, Char X, Ampharos, and Sceptile are your highest ranked monsters, so you should interest them. Basically, use whatever is highest ranked. When you get a hump of S or higher monsters, then you can empty chafe nearly mental team compositions.

I think Electivire with his versatile move Embarrass is maybe better for timely and middle-Pancratium. But Reshiram is true as kind, if not better than some of the current S pinafore listed, chiefly mid to recent Olympic, which would be the only age most people would have a chance of getting him anyway.

I think his most limiting factor is that he uses both ATK and SP ATK. The stats are left between those two, but other monsters that only use one attack can put those bespangle stage into HP, defense, or speed. It also means that his best practicable character is indifferent, which means he can’t get the damage or speed advanced that every other prodigy has. Also, he is guaranteed to suffer from any personalities that aren’t neutral because censure, specific attack, and success reducing personalities are bad and his HP is too moo to tool a prohibition reducing personality.

I Mr.’t own him, and I soared heard too many discriminating details, so I ported been able to narrow down an have rank. But from what I favor, he’s most probable A, B, or C exuberant.

Interesting FEATURES:

– Form your group of 800+ Heroes

– Intense fight with combo aptitude

– Furious Cross Server War

– Fight BOSS claim valuable fortune

– Awake the inward force of your Hero.