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Gems, an unbelievable wellspring of force, has been found by a merciless lunatic who now holds domain over all measurements. Legends have been summoned to fight in the Arena with expectations of securing triumph and security for their kin. Battle for your group’s survival as you strategize, gather as one, and execute assaults to invade the adversary’s fortification. Crush cronies and guard towers as you clear the path on your approach to triumph. Investigate the wilderness and increase one of a kind focal points over your rivals. Leave nothing in your way!


16+ fabulous characters

 4 one of a kind aptitudes to ace per character

 Customize your Legend with the one of a kind Rune framework

Variable abilities include new levels of profundity and methodology

 Accessorize your characters with one of a kind skins


 im here for growling bout believe scores, the fact that i wasnt afk and they all have reported me as afk player, then i insensible so many credit motive and the chances to combine in rank suit.. What do you think if you never do anything wrong and they could report you whenever they destitution. Thats really unfair Full Review

This lame is stupid af. Lags, mmr, targeting system, ai it’s all s**t. I ain’t playin dis stupid ass you call a game. Lots of people complaini course pack and you ain’t done nothin. If you don’t know how to fix, go back to reprove you morons Full Review

I get 200ms most of the time. And the Ai is dumb af whenever i go afk, that’s no ai cuz I stands for intelligence, it’s regular a bad scheme. Gameplay is not that adulatory, I smoothy play vainglory with high settings which has much correct graphics and animations than all of moba but for some motive mobile legends is not flattering. I don’t wanna play anything at fire graphics. I’m a hardcore gammer and I likely my games to be good in every aspect. Thank you Full Review

admin backup August 26, 2017 Hi there, im here for murmuring bout credit reason, the fact that i wasnt afk and they all have relate me as afk player, then i bewildered so many credit account and the chances to add in rank marry.. What do you think if you never do anything twisted and they could recital you whenever they want. Thats indeed unfair Full Review Moonton August 25, 2017 Dear Player, Thank you for telling us helter-skelter your recent experience, we are chagrined for any inconvenience may origin, and you are bienvenue to send your valuable suggestions to us, in game, tap avatar, pat customer service,suggesion,precious advice, fill in the system, submit, after that our patron service will contact you soon. Please wait patiently.

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Lag Always lag why you baffle don’t care? I’ve played so many last lame I’ve wasted chink, lozenge, set, and effort. Why can’t you support give good connection? Is it because there are so many other companions who trifle this? Is that why you don’t care about those who play tardy? If you eccentric don’t respond. Be anathematize. Full Review

Moonton August 6, 2017 Dear player, we are melancholy for the disquiet may caused, we would likely to invite you to contact in game purchaser office, spout avatar, Customer Service , burden problem , crash & laggy, fill in the form, then submit it, after that our customer service stick will get in contatct with you soon. Please stay patiently.

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To much afk player in this plucky. I hope in the to come, afk player can act but with their own ‘image’ only until stated appoint and undoubting circumstances. Only -1 credit step punishment for -ways afk. Seriously?? Because afk libertine, there are many idler has lose their win rate n bespangle point in gross. Better uninstall this project. Full Review

Magic Rush’s heroes are no kidding where things rouse to get dicey. Emily is just one of the changeable crooked’s characters, and it’s easy to see where the ideas oblique paths, and that’s because she’s the same character as Annie. The delineation, the heroes, and the logo, are sadly orderly a few of the game’s assert rips from League.

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Not balance in stipulation of libertine. Too many noobs out there, u must establish the fair play. Noob players for the breasts only. How can we go to legend in single player too many noobs are playing. i keep on tell but then again they can mingle again and the worse furniture he/she is in my gang. I play this game since season 2. I will uninstall it if the same thing happen. Noobs for breasts player thats it. Full Review