New Astral Stairways Cheat march 2019 1100+ Unique characters sitting tight for you summon

Firedog Studio’s most current diversion! Ideal for anime fans!

From the makers of Cupid Bistro!!, NeveRossa arrangement!

Spare the 800 universes, rediscover the fervor of RPG!


Go through the break of time! Spare the 800 universes! With the force of summoning relentless supporters, the saint will spare the 800 universes! Under the direction of Goddess Kala, investigate the universes and annihilation the best insidiousness constrain!

Stunning Characters! Epic Battles!

More than 1100+ remarkable characters drawn by our unfathomable group of artists!

Position characters in the fight for greatest proficiency!

Facilitate characters to cast extreme expertise combos!

Ultimate Skills! Territory Advantage! Unleash Your Inner Strength!

Vital amusement play! Each character has their own forces, capacities, and landscape aptitudes.

Precisely position them on the 3×3 arrangement to turn the tide of the fight!

Abuse of shortcomings to augment harm!

Join everything to overcome the hardest adversary!

Overkill and Fusion!

At the point when confronting extreme foes, center them down with most extreme capability!

Strike together with Fusion! Combination recuperates wellbeing and mana, important for crushing solid adversaries!

Needless excess!! Hit with the monstrous capability to pointless excess a foe! Gossip says over-executing an adversary has an opportunity to get uncommon things.

About Firedog

In 1993, Firedog Studio was a notable doujin aggregate situated in Hong Kong.

We were enthusiastic about ACG manifestations.

In 1999, Firedog Computer Entertainment Ltd was established. Recreations created by the organization incorporate Cupid Bistro!!, NeveRossa and Tiara Concerto.

Manufactured from years of experience, our first versatile amusement the Astral Stairways appeared in 2018.