New AdventureQuest 3D Cheat 2020 updated The universe of Lore is yours to investigate! AdventureQuest 3D is the genuine cross-stage dream MMORPG from the makers of the first 2D Flash web diversion! Journey online with your companions regardless of what gadget they playing from. Investigate a continually extending world with new territories, beasts, things, undertakings, and journeys included consistently!


“You’re on your telephone. I’m on my PC. We should assault a Dragon’s den together!”


* Adventure in a perpetually growing world

* True Cross-Platform

Gentle Beard This game is the best! I used to play aqw when I was a kid and it comes up to this. The quality was pretty good, my phone is just a mid-range but it can handle the high quality. Quests are a little bit repetitive although still enjoyable. I hope you guys can make it bigger and more events, stuff and cool equipment like the aqw. More power!
Holy moly! I love this despite a few quirks. Id love the ability to lock the camera and movement control circles in a fixed location, maybe a settings option? Also if my phone locks I can’t access quests or cutscenes without restarting the app. Overall though I am immensely enjoying my time in the game so far. Funny quests, and classic oldskool gameplay, ill def stick around. Full Review

Was banned due to character name issue, resolved it only to log in and find acct disabled. I was thoroughly enjoying the game and considering paying for a subscription. I still am interested if I can get acct fixed.

* Real-time battle

* Quest in a relentless Online World

* Chat, Emotes, and Social

It’s a good world that includes other players. But I’m just too big on camera angles to keep playing. It’s the “turn” and “move” controls are on opposite sides of the screen that make up the camera angle. (It’s not a separate function or a constant perspective.) I personally can’t deal with it; I make a turn and am suddenly inside my character’s head. A subject too far more attacks. It’s really easy to play and jumps you right in–there isn’t a guide to walk you through all the separate functions, which is cool; you’re treated like you’ve been doing this forever. Full Review Artix Entertainment LLC August 4, 2017, Yeah, the camera is still a little rough. We’re working to improve it. Thanks for the feedback.

AxleWorld Reply on August 26, 2016, While I agree with your assessment of their character in general, you’re allowing your bias to take control. I was staff for the company a few years back dude, and to honor the NDA – though I’m not technically bound by it anymore – I won’t tell you exactly what I know they have done in the past, but I’ll tell you right now, they are VERY money concerned. Not overly so – they’re not greedy – but by necessity, their decisions are most assuredly about money. They have to keep food on their tables and shoes on their feet too, just like you or your parents. To imply they aren’t is completely naïve.

More made up sh!t classes, with skills recycled from previous classes, more useless aesthetics, still no char progression, same sh!t all over again. Artix (Adam) needs to step aside and stop fking up his own games. There is nothing absolutely nothing new in aqw3d that hasn’t already been done in aqw. Games fail from the start. Now they’re going to flood the game with recycled classes, wow

Have you been on AQWorlds recently dude? Since last year the player base dropped and the server that had 3,500 players dropped down to like 2,000 players. Between 3,000 and 6,000 players log in daily nowadays on AQWorlds but I agree though the rewrite will probably be what kills AQW.

* Multi-Class

* Crafting

* Dungeons


All the major browsers like google chrome, firefox, Microsoft Edge and so on are getting rid of plugins which is why AQ3D won’t run on browsers in the future. It doesn’t need flash because it is running in the unity game engine. You will be able to download it from a mobile device like on Android, iPhone, tablets, PCs, but for the PC version will run on steam and maybe the windows 10 store. I have no idea if they have plans to build a stand-alone build client for AQ3D but I don’t think they will but there’s always a chance they will. During the open beta, the game should be free to everyone and open beta should be happening in July and everyone will be able to join AQ3D in its full release whenever that is since they probably don’t even know. Beta is limited right now because it’s not ready for everyone to crash the servers and they don’t get enough content built and tested on the test server the AQ3D beta testers are using.