Posted by Raidz on Sep 22, 2016

Zombie Infection Hack and Cheat Webtools



Some person was endeavoring to find a cure for zombies…

however, something turned out gravely.


Moreover, now they are ultra-zombies!

Just two or three them have survived…

moreover, they are our solitary trust!


Unblock the various characters and shield Zomville from zombie ambush.

Your cerebrum is in danger and staying alive won’t be that straightforward!

Use every weapon to execute ultra-zombies.

To be sure, even your water gun could be important to adjust to this assault!


– X-Guy is a marvelous riddle in Zomville.

– As any zombie, Zombiff loves to eat brains.

– Wolfgang carries on like a puppy and he is focused on

eating Jaime Bone

– Jaime is manipulative and you can’t trust him…


– Ye-teeth is amazingly strong!

– Blueblood has an obsession with cleaning.

– Braindage is more than three thousand years old

– Rayboly could break into a thunder-storm!!!!

– Rocky loves music, Rock’n Roll particularly.

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