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Travia Returns Hack and Cheat Mod Apk

Travia Returns Hack and Cheat Mod Apk


Travia Returns is a MMORPG versatile diversion which concentrates on medieval fighting.

[Game Characteristics]

▶ Explore

With a specific end goal to take an interest in the war, you should play a solitary mode diversion and level up. This is done on Explore mode.

Investigate mode comprises of 24 phases. You can level up, assemble gold and obtain apparatuses to either prepare or yield them to upgrade your prepared riggings.

▶ Conquest

As you play along Explore, you will likely miss the mark concerning Gold. You can either Auto Repeat a similar stage again and again in Explore mode or join the open field Conquest mode.


In Conquest mode, you can play with different players. You won’t have the capacity to party up or battle them, yet you will have the capacity to see them and converse with them. You most likely need to take a spot and Fix yourself there and set it to auto chase. Your character will then claim all the Gold you will ever require.

▶ Battleground

There are other MMO zones other than Conquest mode. One of them is the Battleground where you can PvE and PvP in the meantime.


The Battle Ground creates parts and loads of Gold contrasted with Explore or Conquest. Be that as it may, you will confront different players, so it will be a perilous place to just auto chase. When you enter Battleground, you will either be put in red or blue group. Your objective is obviously to get however much Gold as could reasonably be expected. Have solid colleague is certainly an or more here.

▶ Arena

Elixirs in Travia Returns are a profitable segment since it will consequently recuperate. This elixir can be earned in the Arena. You will get one HP elixirs in the event that you lose, however will get increasingly on the off chance that you win. So attempting the Arena is dependably an or more.

▶ Feudal war


On the off chance that you think you are sufficiently solid and prepared for the following stride, then join a society and take part in the medieval war which is a domain war. Fief Occupation War occurs amid weekdays. Loot Wars occurs amid the ends of the week.

Primitive war will advance from Monday(00:00) ~ Friday(24:00) each weekdays. You will require primitive war enter key to join the medieval war. (On the off chance that you have utilized all the keys, you can utilize Gems to enter.)


You can join the primitive war with four of your Bot Guild Members. (When you have went with the Guild Members, you won’t have the capacity to utilize them for 6 hours.)

Fief will open with 3 maps after settlement time (12:00 on Sunday). (We will include more Fiefs later)

1. Astara Ruins 1F

2. Balmor Swamp

3. Britrah Forest


▶ Plunder war

Loot will happen each Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Loot is a framework where you can take Feudal Points from different organizations.

To continue with Plunder, you will require Feudal war enter key. (You can utilize Gems to enter too. You won’t expend any key while protecting.)


The fight will happen progressively and end when you have obliterated the adversary’s society center.

You won’t have the capacity to revive when you kick the bucket amid Plunder. (The resistance group will have the capacity to restore and be immune for 5 seconds. You likewise will have the capacity to reemerge.)

Demonstrate your strength !!

What’s more, develop as saint !!

In the realm of Travia !!

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