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Thirteen Souls: Martial Arts Fighting Games Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Thirteen Souls: Martial Arts Fighting Games Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


– Introduction –

Thirteen is a full-see 3D hand to hand fighting FTG portable diversion. Twelve Chinese zodiac combative technique legends and different grand chinoiserie scenes and maps are rendered in conventional Chinese ink and wash painting style, transporting you into this present reality of hand to hand fighting!


Battling scenes fuse embellishments like stop edge, screen shake, ecological changes, and QTE ultra capacities switch to increase battling strain!

The first innovative gameplay, Rage, is not at all like whatever other customary FTG recreations! Different capable moves can be performed at the same time in an impeccable combo, leaving your adversary no way to survive!

Join Thirteen now and begin correcting wrongs in the realm of combative technique!

– Game Features –

Full-see 3D battling, battle unreservedly with no dimensional restrictions!


The gameplay utilizes full-see 3D battle scenes, disposing of 2D space choking influences.

In Thirteen, you can have 360°/180° upward or descending perspective of the environment. You are no longer confined to a restricted space, so you can take your great fights through paradise and earth!

1V1 legend fights introduce the purest specialty of battling!

Multi-player free battle? Eaten up by the group before you even observe the battleground! Regardless of how hard you attempt, you can’t spare your group from disappointment!


Alternating? No excite of battling to death! No possibility to delight in gallant wonderfulness!

Say farewell to these diversion modesand have an exciting 1V1 saint fight! Turned into a genuine combative technique ace, battle effective adversaries, and investigate the points of confinement of your methods.

In vogue saints with various qualities are sitting tightfor your test!

The diversion includes the twelve customary Chinese zodiac images as legends.


You can pick your own legend and other particular saints, for example, the coordinated “monkey” (Wukong), the “puppy” who bargains reward harm (Redsky), or the “rabbit”who recuperates seethe extra time (Jade Hare), and there are numerous more courageous elements to be investigated.

The imaginative Rage System presents to you a fresh out of the plastic new battling knowledge!

The amusement presents the interesting Rage Seize gameplay, a fresh out of the plastic better approach for perpetrating harm. Typically assaults just drain seethe, yet cause no harm. Just capacities injected with fierceness will exact genuine harm.

This fresh out of the box new mode requires better control and timing for utilizing unique capacities, making a particular battle involvement.


Combo abilities + QTE Ultra Skill + Rage Burst Mod – preeminent moves will shock your whole screen!

You can just trigger mixes including different aptitudes, for example, flying, blocking, evading, combo hits, and QTE ultra capacities in addition to fierceness blast changes when you respond in time, once your vitality is filled.

These fingertip controls permit you to encounter new fight sensations like you’ve never had.

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