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Tank Raid – Online Multiplayer Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Tank Raid – Online Multiplayer Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


JOIN other overall players in greatly interesting tank fights NOW!. Just 5 MINUTES to BLOW OFF whatever! A REAL-TIME, technique, multiplayer, 3D internet amusement with ROBOT tanks and super weapons in SCI FI condition, you don’t need whatever else!

In spite of the fact that a free, LIGHT amusement with arcade style, it splendidly suits if your need is a defensively covered fighting, trap enterprises or laser wars in universe fight zone.

Whatever you need to play as, the saint or destroyer, you get the chance to disarm other tank man in 5 minutes crossfire. Put your means into 7 exceptional fields in world, utilize your system for super weapons and abilities, chase down different tanks and get fun in this absolutely new tank amusement!



– REAL-TIME fight: 5 individuals from around the globe plays in the meantime in a battle.

-AMZING TANKS: Tens of super tanks to attempt on each fight

– SCI-FI ARENAS: 7 wonderful fields in world, composed with science fiction style and noteworthy round shape structure.

– GALAXY STONE show up following 3 minutes of the crossfire, get yourself prepared well and don’t miss the opportunity to change your little tank to ROBOT and RULE the war!


– SUPER ROBOT to conflict with – a tank destroyer with brilliant power. We should see your safeguard system then.

– HUMOROUS REAPER, tank young lady Yokoso and different characters to go with you as a mentor, giving order and insightful advices at whatever point you’re in need.

– MODERN WEAPONS: You will be equipped with laser slugs, grapeshot, barrage, howitzer, electric shield, clock bomb, landmine, laser firearm, rocket, collector spit to log jam 75% speed of adversary creating different tanks inconvenience… all permitting you to make a genuine bombarding quick assault and even make an undetectable war (the imperceptible enchantment permit you to remain concealed in 15 seconds)


– .IO GAMEPLAY: Get more grounded directlyafter you prevail upon an adversary in all panzer aces. The more fruitful shoots, the all the more capable you are.

– FUNNY EMOJI to energizeeveryone in the battle. Play it COOL and perceive how great it feels!

– Dpad assists with significantly correct developments in the tank labyrinth yet simple to control. What’s more, you just basically need to touch tank adversaries to flame.

– Surprising REWARDS for all modest tank saint after each fight. Bear in mind to look at your accomplishments!


– Split screen group deathmatch mode. Last rank is net of killing short passing circumstances.

– Radar bolsters you to find adversaries, permitting usage of numerous procedures (ex: trap experiences, long separation gunfire, bar 3d, heavily clad attack… )


– Upgrade your weapons take oftentimes to remain cool and risky!

– Rank high in the fight to get more tank prizes


– Use your weapons and abilities deliberately to strike back foes (ex: grapeshot for different executes and barrage to wreck immediately…) in the quick assault

– Minimize times being killed by other shooter to redesign your panzer appropriate in the battlezone. Higher tank level means more grounded power subsequently better opportunity to seek universe stone.

– Stay far from swarmed zone of hazardous gunfire when out of shot

– Mind thecircumstance to best utilize your weapons/aptitudes

– Run cover up into the tank labyrinth to keep away from super robot’s gigantic assault. Try not to let yourself a gun feed for others!


– Keep track your adversaries’ area on radar (field guide) to coordinate your howitzer (obusier) on right target.

– Mind the unconditional presents close to the warframe and shoot AI fight bots to expertise up, however bear in mind to keep an eye out the eliminator ensuring the endowments

– Target obviously before shooting to abstain from squandering slugs. Let other see you’re a legend shooter in the expression of tank!

– Prepare a long time before entering to battlefront for cosmic system stone. Unbounded fighting is calling for most daring legend!

An absolutely new diversions io with novel gameplay and lite! Appreciate and be the best tank man ever!

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