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Tactical Leader – Strategy teonje War Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Tactical Leader – Strategy teonje War Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Teonje War Strategy


★ Tactical Leader CBT advance!

On March 13, the CBT will proceed with the strategic pioneer.

Anybody can take an interest the length of CBT and accomplishing mission

Formally open when you can get included advantages.

[CBT interest benefits;

– 3 Levels accomplished amid card installments Pack 2!

– 5-Level pioneers charming, pine trees and payable upon accomplishment!

CBT period: 2017 years March 13 to March 26 2017

▶ ◀ Game Features


■ Create your very own group!

More than 100 different units and otherworldly elements of that!

Attempt to make your very own deck is the best pioneer!

■ Expand the distinctive fight on the field!

Go to summon units on the field and assaulted.

Will this adversary summon a unit?

Energizing diversion created erratic outcomes!


■ New Skill Strategy phenomenal world!

Units have their own aptitudes.

Likewise find fabricated a divider to avert or repulse an adversary in the spring and the street

Indeed, even got some line units utilize bunsinsul know!

Notwithstanding its unmistakable ability is full.

Using the abilities of the different units Create their own particular procedures.


■ There is an administration shutdown. Lifetime Service Guarantee!

Long administration since it is conceivable to decrease costs through distributed computing

On the off chance that you keep on playing even a solitary one of the guarantees that you won’t leave the side.

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