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Swordsman chopped Knight Fighter-fun fighting blood KOHack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Swordsman chopped Knight Fighter-fun fighting blood KOHack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Ten steps to kill one person, thousands of miles without leaving the line. 2017 latest martial arts fighting game theme! Mowing, batter, free combination of skills!
Hengdao immediately, waiting for you to fight!

the world’s top three topics most people play action fighting hand tour, won the 2016 best first action fighting title!
Build three stars, play Ji Song, as you control! Millions of people online at the same time, participation in the most Zest fighting!

Recruiting world between brothers, achievements Chiaki dominance grand! Free carefree combination of action, exciting game quality performance!
Riboud, Zhao, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, a variety of star center stage!
Three character classes to choose from – JianHao: stability and flexibility, both offensive and defensive, hunting Man: Ben Yi pull, high explosive, Dragon: rock solid, Total Annihilation!

[Changes] real-time combat moves that work, the strongest sense of the battle. Enjoy powerful force in Deus Expleasure and enjoyment!
[System] attack horsessystem “its lightning-fast winds, and their Xu Rulin, invaders fire, do not move a mountain!

[Plunder] beauty Three beauty waiting for you to succeed. Conquest, you can bring beauty outside the arena, traveled treasure hunt, punish evil and evil forces!
[System] Corps recruiting world friends founded the Legion alliance, North and South fought four tribes challenge Legion BOSS!
three cooking wine [] the original story three grades challenges epic battles copy crazy experience ever!
Bluetooth [Bluetooth] Battle Battle, face to face PK, even in different areas of service can always learn 1V1 carried out face to face, and to recover the classic fighting fun

—- ◆ Game Features ◆ —-

● Features one: easy to operate without locking PK, open the phone fighting feast
my Lord, Meng animals together to battle, bloody battle, cool skill effects, the strength of the guards;
Super fight ten thousand kinds of activities, gorgeous full screen special effects, strong hands tours;
Download the game now, and enjoy anytime, anywhere PK fighting feast, fight for the king!

● Features two: Corps League, a draw with world
Farewell stand-alone! One million Legion catch athletic, explosive battle summit!
Drums of war skirmishing, the horn is sounded, the strong camp PK duel, ask Who Controls the world hero!
facebook Invite your friends, fight rank, sun fighting force, strong social interaction!


● Features three: the beauty of God, to conquer the brave
Stunning beauty and other monarch conquered, jewelry culture fun! Three brightest beauty waiting for you to conquer!
Travel treasure hunt, punish evil forces, accompanied by beautiful women, combat power surge, there is no fear of war, won the world.
In chaotic situations, only through the full authority to come out on top, dominating the world!


● Features four: holy partnership, cooperate
Ancient holy Kuangmeng strikes, arbitrary invincible surrender, surrender animal fighting power surge!
Original divine skills, with generals stunt, killing all over the audience!
Warring States without mercy, as the chest piece Jiangshan! Partners! Help me fight it;

● Features five: Exclusive Armor by you to create!
Easily create unique armor, runes skills are thousands!
Armor morphological changes sparkling debut, stunning styling of your control, enhance the combat power surge then pass easily!
Three star, rare magic, waiting for you to conquer the mighty Legion, richer gameplay to help you grappling world, dominate the three!

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