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Special Squad Vs Zombies Hack iOS and Android Cheat Webtools

Special Squad Vs Zombies Hack iOS and Android Cheat Webtools


A bizarre poison has entered the city and just about individuals in the city were changed into the Zombies.

The Zombies are exceptionally fierce and they can decimate everything that averts them.

There is one and only change to spare the city, it is the Special Squad.

The Special Squad (contains Suicide Squad, Special Forces Group, SWAT…) have first class and overcome warriors, . Every trooper has diverse ability and quality, constitute a solid group can crush everything.

So now, we should lead you Special Squad to slaughter the Zombies and recovery the city.

Moreover, you additionally have the diverse aptitudes to help you a ton of in vanquishing the Zombies.

It’s awesome that you can utilizing your gold, jewel to update your warrior, aptitude to get a most ghastly power.



– 8 warrior with various aptitude and quality.

– 9 sort of zombies with various capacity (solidify unit,suicide bombers…)

– 3 abilities you can utilizing.

– Diversity redesign frameworks (wellbeing, harm, range, critical…)

– There are numerous assorted qualities missions to acquire more gold and pearl.

– Get your free ward each day.

– Over 40 level. The trouble of every level will be expanded, requires you should have an incredible ability to finish.

– You will get diamond and gold after complete every level, the prize will be expanded after every level and you will get more reward in the event that you finish the level with more star.

– With the library framework, you see subtle element of zombie’s data, this will help you have sensible strategy to murder each zombie.

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