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Soul King Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016

Soul King Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016


◆ Skill Strategy RPG SoulKing! ◆

Introduce Soulking now and completely appreciate this RPG!

1. Extra mission guide.

– Advance through the diversion regulated on account of our new guide.

– By essentially playing the mission guide, you will get marvelous prizes in your letter box!

2. Extreme soldier of fortune framework expansion.

– You can now utilize a portion of the most grounded 5 stars soldier of fortune saints when you begin!

– Use the cooldown deliberately to exploit the most capable hired soldiers.


3. Story mode increments.

– Enjoy Soulking’s interesting story now in the Story Mode!

– You can encounter the diverse sort of energy contrast with the enterprise mode.

4. Loot mode increases.

– Earn an enormous measure of gold through a monstrous PVP plundering framework!

– Compose the best cautious line of 12 characters and locate the best hostile strategies to break the adversary’s protection!

5. Top Challenge opening.

– Ultimate test! Achieve the top and get the most capable souls!

– another test with different components will be opened each day, expect magnificent prizes when you achieve the top!

6. New saint expansion.

– This new saint will be accountable for your group barrier! Opel is a Nature sort (4 star)

– Destroy your adversary with an emanation of dimness! Kalus is a Darkness sort (4 star)

7. Hardware smithing (Upgrade)

– Don’t be baffled since you got a poor quality riggings.

– Lower class hardware can now be completely moved up to higher class gear!

8. Different amusement equalization and realistic changes.

– Soulking representations experienced a redesign

– Game adjust and bugs settled

– Incremental change of the amusement parity and representation for the best gaming background!

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