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It’s shark season; move those balances!

Explore an eager Great Shark and tear separated all that you SEA in sight! takes the award for the hungriest and angriest predator! Crawl through dull and cloudy waters looking for prey; dolphins, fish, and old creatures. Ascend above in the sun and chase jumpers, swimmers, angler, and blameless shoreline goers. Assault water crafts and ships that journey through your sea unprepared! The battle for survival is a merciless one.

Contend with different sharks and ocean beasts in multiplayer mode to accomplish a most extreme score.

Alter your shark to mirror its mercilessness. Above all: encourage your homicidal ravenousness.

unnamed (4) Features:

•Unique Offline Multiplayer highlights

•Realistic shoreline situations

•Multiple missions stuffed with chasing thrills

•Multiple skins for your to browse

•Smooth, simple and addictive gameplay with joystick test system controls

•Real water material science, cool shark developments, and activitys of marine life

•Beautifully created 3D design, including shorelines, docks, and the tremendous untamed ocean

•Awesome visuals, sound impacts, and camera edges

•Your intuition’s calling: swim towards DANGER!



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