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Schools of Magic Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools

Schools of Magic Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools


Construct and deal with your own particular school of enchantment and go up against effective wizards and magicians to end up the most intense mage in the kingdom.

Schools of Magic is a finished experience diversion that consolidates asset administration and ongoing battle.

Free the kingdom from the four incredible schools of enchantment that hold the world in their oppressive handle with dull expressions. Oppose and overcome druids, arcane mages, ministers, and the feared sorcerers in epic clashes of arcane force.

Battle against other players’ wizards in great continuous multiplayer duels. Shield your school from the assaults of different wizards and pounce upon adversary schools.

Train your wizard in the school, enhance the framework to inquire about new spells, and furnish yourself with phenomenal enchantment objects you can use in fight.

Enter a world loaded with enchantment and fanciful animals. Orcs, minotaurs, griffons, and other captivating animals anticipate you in Schools or Magic.


■ School administration: build up your school to draw in new disciples, inquire about new spells, and enhance your wizard.

■ Player versus Player (PvP): battle against different wizards online progressively multiplayer fights.

■ Campaign: wander into this enchantment world to vanquish the four extraordinary wizards who have grabbed hold of the world utilizing their dim expressions.

■ Customize your wizard: outfit your wizard with caps, tops, robes, capes, rings, and distinctive weapons that award extraordinary forces and aptitudes.

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★ Fight continuous clashes of arcane force.

★ Collect diverse enchantment articles and weapons to furnish your wizard with.

★ Challenge different wizards on the web.

★ Discover inconceivable enchantment weapons.

★ All the amusement modes can be played for nothing.

★ Invite your companions and play with them progressively.

★ Chat with different wizards.

★ High-determination representation.

★ Sign into Google Play Games to play on different Android gadgets.

★ Optimized for Android tablets and phones


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