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Renegade : The Faceless Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android

Renegade : The Faceless Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android


Get on your hop boots and pack your explosives – it’s the ideal opportunity for FPS frenzy!

Make your own weapons while rising the positions of the GMSC’s world class Renegade powers. Shooting battle traverses quick, activity stuffed levels as you unwind the riddles deserted by a space faring human advancement that disappeared 22,000 years prior.


Conceived on versatile, Renegade offers the best in shooting activity on your touchscreen. Circled levels utilizing directional swipes and touch to shoot an extensive variety of guns, rifles, rockets and projectiles.


Play the way you need as you assemble your Renegade’s apparatus from a colossal assortment of accessible parts. Pick burst fire over auto fire for lacking elbow room or touchy rocket statute and bounce boots to give you a chance to fly and annihilate the alternatives are boundless.

Procure RANKr2

Multiplayer mode gives you a chance to contend with your kindred Renegades. Update your rigging and enter the quarrel with day by day and week after week challenges for tremendous prizes.


Created with Hugo-winning creator John Scalzi, Renegade places you in the essential part of a tip top GMSC officer battling to open the mysteries of a missing outsider race before the Dust Empire outsmarts us! You’ll shoot outsiders, recoup chronicles, salvage POWs and significantly more on your adventure to triumph.


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    You just save me from quiting this game thank you.

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    Well done Yup this mister save me too from quiting

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    Best Hacking tool evaaaa..

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