Welcome to Realm of Valor (ROV) – an epic new multiplayer online fight field (MOBA) diversion, made and idealized for a convincing versatile ordeal!

Ace one of a kind and capable saints effortlessly and construct your own particular legend pool to make the most deadly group the eSports world has ever observed!

For example, if you deficiency to do a normal attack, regular right tape mouse. If you want to do 1st propriety, just click Q and then upright tick mouse. What’s more, it will shed at the cursor’s attitude.

The only proposition currently is that there are so many populate going afk during ranked games. The system against this works, but in my reputation should be a destiny more stricken. Full Review

It’s a nice game but now it won’t let me log into the plucky. It just takes me back to my home screen and the purchaser office doesn’t help I proved to create an account but it won’t allow me.exact tell me what I have to do.if you fixed this in your next update I will be contented and play because Raz is my favorite submarine sandwich Full Review PROXIMA BETA PTE August 13, 2017 Hi Black, Thanks for the feedback. We’re poor that you’re having a spring logging into the game. We can understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience. In order to emend this please send a screenshot and this information to our Customer Service email sok_cs@proximabeta.com Best Wishes, Arena of Valor Customer Support


Approach your companions to go along with you in the wilderness and appreciate great 5v5 battle continuously! Draw first blood, convey your group to the complete line and turn into an incredible MVP on the field! In Realm of Valor, it’s about aptitude! We strived to make the most reasonable and adjusted amusement, so you can turn the tide of the fight and compete for eminence regardless of the chances! Win or lose, each activity tallies!

I can’t even get into the game as when ever I taps on the app it just smack the logo and goes back to the domicile screen. I putt the 1 look earnestly because I doesn’t get the chance to play the game. Full Review PROXIMA BETA PTE August 24, 2017 Hi James, Sorry to favor around this failure. For this issue we’d recommend switching your installation of the plucky to the internal memory of your invention, and booting it once again. If this doesn’t have any success, please comprehend out to us at the ensuing email for help: support@arenaofvalor.com Thank you! Best, Arena of Valor Customer Support
Everytime I die the download it specimen the file is unsound and I get a installation error. I have no external sd so every game is installed on the vast storing. Edit: I downloaded it through apkpure it works now, vie to mobile legends and vainglory the ping is very good I have no lag spikes yet ping around constant 60-90. Its rly resembling league of legends since Tencent own revelry, nice step to the liquid market. They even got legit perpendicular for dc universe. Go ahead and strain it its worth it. Full Review

Was absolutely loving the game bur since the last update the Pancratium seems to be suffering lag disagreeably, ping sits stable at 60-70 but input is delayed or bury, stuttering a lot. Some times it’s fine mostly stuttering though. Restarted phone, cleared everything running constrain no dissimilitude. Lowered graphics still stuttering. Have been unable to go ranked due to this. Full Review

I courtship playing. My only trial is, that its manifest when a gamester uses hackman. As for me if im closely the one hacking, the game frieze and I end up moribund. Please make it so you can at least hearsay gamester for chop. I lost a game inasmuch as the check brood had an Arthur player that was worn hacks. And another marathon because both the lep and the manga were hackman too. Obvious via the frosty, and the deed they had over 25 river and less than three deaths. Full Review


– Classic Real-time 5v5 MOBA, Perfected for Mobile –

Cross an exemplary three-path field delineate with alcoves and corners between towers, keep an eye out for adversaries on the way and reveal privileged insights that prowl in the wilderness! Tight natural controls carefully fit for versatile will make them pile on incredible kills effortlessly and make you alliance MVP in a matter of moments!

– Join Your Friends in Fierce Team Battles –

Appreciate quick paced battle and fashion cooperations with players around the globe! Communicate with companions and group pals each day utilizing constant voice visit! Share the heap, cooperate and battle deliberately – greatness is only a stage away!


Realm of valor for Android is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be exhilarated to get it without any payments. And we can help you! To download the plucky for immoderate, we recommend you to select your ring example, and then our system will choose the most suitable apk files. Downloading is very uncompounded: select the desired line and sound “download free Realm of valor apk”, then select one of the ways you want to get the list. Just a few unconstrained action and you are enjoying the full version of the game for tablet or call!

For exemplify, if you want to go back, true right click mouse at hero’s back. if you want to do a perpendicular attack, orderly click A. If you want to reflect 1st dexterity, just click Q. What’s more, it will cast at cursor’s site.

To begin with Blood, Double Tap, Hat-Trick… every one of the components that you know and love comfortable fingertips. Find and ace the different gameplay modes, including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and an interesting “Snare War” mode that will challenge your expertise and convey you to MVP status!

 Growing Number of Legendary Heroes Definitely the best MOBA on phone. There are too many things to praise, and my event is so minor it doesn’t matter. I’ve mentioned this to my boyfriend and they’ve similar it so greatly too. I would recommend this to any use who would inclination a MOBA and destitution something literally good with almost no off-putting issues. Full Review

LOL custom In this fashion, perpendicular mouse click is used for advancement and keyboard for spike and shot skill. Very homogenous as a legend of uniting (LOL), no learning curve at all.

Investigate and charge a list of more than 26 bold legends and tallying, with a full slate of capacities extending from solid Tanks to quick and shrewd Assassins! Manufacture the ideal group to pound your adversaries in battle!

 Get Matched Immediately and Battle in Real-time

Energizing match up with players worldwide in a moment, cut your way through wildernesses, paths, and turrets, draw first blood and wreck the foe tower! Convey your group to eminence in less than 10 minutes!