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Raider (CBT) Hack and Cheat Webtools

Raider (CBT) Hack and Cheat Webtools


Google Featured and Korean Hit MMORPG- – Raider is here!

Get readied for the most sensible and great MMORPG!

Crash your way to deal with triumph!

1. Most sensible MMORPG – No VIP! No P2W!


New out of the container new thought for MMORPG! Breaking the regular P2W mode, players would battling by certifiable aptitudes with balanced subtle elements settings yet isolated battle gets ready for different characters.

2. Examine the astonishing aide!


Experience the endless aide with various players on the same screen! Up to 17 maps to be explored, Dawn City, Lost City, Hawburg, Snow Field… You will never miss the mark on interest!

3. Most stimulating PVP!


Steady battle! 1V1, 3V3, 5V5, field PK, Arena… arranged PVP modes at your choice! Exhibit your vitality by moving to the most elevated purpose of rank; collaborate with associates against foes in 3V3, 5V5, field free PK…

4. Steady undertaking – No stamina limit!


There’s no stamina limit in the domain of Raider! Striking field BOSS for rich resources a nd EXP for whole day! Speedy create and level up with separated EXP!

5. Most inventive gameplay!


Get resources in Resource War while you should manage strikes from various players; pursue down the most savage BOSS for the wealthiest plenitude; fortify your impact and summon favors from delightful Goddess in the Path of God… you’ll never be depleted in the experience of Raider!

6. Association War


Examinate your association power in the contention of social orders! Watch the kingdom with splendid strategy and solidarity of society people. It is a war of all people. It is protected to say that you are set up to make the legend out of amazing quality?

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