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Petagon: Rise of the Dragonlord Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android

Petagon: Rise of the Dragonlord Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android


Petagon’s story begins in the thick of war between the general population of Ebion and the Goblins.

In an offer to end the war rapidly, our legend chooses to lead a tip top power into the heart of a legendary and unsafe captivated backwoods to bring down the Goblin King. Also, it is at exactly that point when the genuine danger began uncovering itself.penta2

The excursion unfurls crosswise over 3 domains loaded with enchantment, charms and supernatural animals among numerous other abnormal and brilliant things. Adversaries can be changed to Allies and Dragons be tamed to help in your mission. Be cautioned in any case, that without strategic arranging, even intense partners can’t promise you triumph.penta3

Send your troops, cast spells and unleash uncommon capacities in a convenient way to counter the adversaries and their ambushes. Your trusty confidants and their occasionally trivial yet amusing discussions will get you through the drudgery of generally fights. You may survive, however just on the off chance that you utilize your minds in this Action Strategy amusement.

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