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Panache Expedition Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools

Panache Expedition Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools


In ‘Panache Expedition’, you will find the marine ensured regions and help a group of specialists to secure the Channel environment through 5 distinct missions.

You’ll have to show boldness to accomplish every one of the targets!

Bring issues to light among walkers, converse with the accomplices of the European Panache venture and record species… It won’t not be as simple as you think: every colleague their own character and you should keep them roused. Likewise there will be loads of sudden issues along the way!

Luckily, Margaret will manage you from the Panache HQ!



– 5 unique missions

– 5 spots to find

– 6 extremely vivid characters

– 10 trophies to open

PANACHE is a Franco-British venture financed by European project INTERREG IV. The venture goes for better assurance of the Channel marine environment by setting up a system among existing marine ensured zones. There are five fundamental undertaking objectives:

– Assess natural lucidness over the marine ensured region system;

– Pool and share involvement in checking these ranges;

– Strengthen intelligibility and foster association for enhanced marine secured zone administration;

– Heighten consciousness of marine ensured regions: make a feeling of proprietorship and shared desires through resident science programs;

– Establish an open GIS database.


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