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PAC-MAN Hats App Hack and Cheat Webtools

PAC-MAN Hats App Hack and Cheat Webtools


We ought to play!

Get a top and go seek after a couple of phantoms!

• Each Maze has 3 targets – complete them to get stars!

• The main goal is obligatory: eat each one of the spots. Completing this target gifts you the foremost star and opens the accompanying Maze.

• You get token prizes depending upon the stars you won in every maze. Play your best to get 3 stars!


• Fruit brings you dumbfound rewards. Yum!

• You require different stars to open the accompanying scene – check the passage!

Minute Mazes

• You have 1 minute and only 1 objective, however your will get a super reward for completing it: Candies!

Know your Hats!

There are 4 one of a kind Hats + Classic PAC-MAN in the delight

• Complete Mazes to open all Hats!

• All Hats use Energy: play a maze with a Hat and its Energy will drop, yet will in like manner revive in time.


• Play more Mazes with a Hat to level it up. There will be prizes:

Level 2: +1 Energy (you will have 2 Energy)

Level 3: 20% more tokens when playing with that Hat

Level 4: +1 Energy (you will have 3 Energy)

Commendable PAC-MAN incorporate image


• This is the commendable PAC-MAN. No limits. Basically excited.

• Unlocked at the essential mission.

• Enhance it with: incorporate super pellet image

Privateer Hat incorporate image

• Drops angry parrots that press the apparitions in case they draw near.

• PAC-MAN can eat the ghost when the parrot is on it.

• Drops 1 parrot for every 20 spots eaten.

• Complete mission 9 to open.

• Enhance it with: incorporate super privateer image

Magician Hat incorporate image

• Casts a spell that makes the nearest apparition vanish.

• Charges 1 spell for every 20 spots eaten.

• Complete mission 9 to open.

• Enhance it with: incorporate super magician image

Zeus Hat incorporate image

• Thunder strike! Stuns all apparitions for 4 seconds at every 22 bits eaten.

• Complete mission 9 to open.

• Enhance it with: incorporate super zeus image

Untouchable Hat incorporate image

• Leaves behind a green goo that makes apparitions vanish if they walk around it.

• Drops 1 greeny thing for every 20 spots eaten.

• Complete mission 9 to open.

• Enhance it with: incorporate super untouchable image


Power up your Hats!

Impetuses make the Hats more grounded and help Classic PAC-MAN in Mazes.

Go to Crafting and use tokens to craftsmanship more Power Ups!

Privateer Power Up incorporate image

• Makes the Pirate Hat drop parrots 2 times faster (1 parrot for every 10 bits eaten).

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    the only person who tells that this is not working is NOOB. its working guys just follow the simple instruction.

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