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Once Heroes Hack iOS and Android Cheat Webtools

Once Heroes Hack iOS and Android Cheat Webtools


Here comes the new era! «Once Heroes»

Be the legend and recovery the world from the Armageddon Plan

Smash the abhorrent beasts and safeguard your Kingdom

Summon epic gatekeepers and experience unlimited cells


1. Tremendous fight with full 3D representation

▶️ Enjoy full 3D fight and amazing expertise impacts

2. Battle against wickedness powers with your epic gatekeepers

▶️ Summon quantities of epic watchmen

▶️ turn the fight around with your watchmen

3. Vast test! Boundless and interminable fight

▶️ 216 cells in 3 trouble levels: Normal, Hard and Hell

▶️ Explore Portal: Demon cells, Secret prisons and significantly more!

▶️ Cave of affliction: Challenge to the expert of prison

▶️ Duel Arena: Strategic fight with different players!

4. Plan for the fight: Arena in-diversion Replay System

▶️ When vanquished by different players in Arena, you can watch the Replay video at the protection range

▶️ Strategically rework your legends by watching the Replay

5. Open and redesign your town to reinforce your legendsoh3

▶️ Level up and clear stages to open the new structures

▶️ Upgrade your town to improve your legend’s capacities

6. Summon, raise and stir legends

▶️ From 1 star to 6 star, Raise several legends in 5 characteristics: fire, wind, water, dim and light

▶️ Awake saint’s boundless taboo strengths

7. Tweak your saint with an assortment of gear

▶️ Collect same sort of gear and get a reward set impactsoh2

▶️ Enchant 6 distinctive gear to +15 at max: Weapon, Armor, Helmet, Boots, Necklace and Rings

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