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Mystic Heroes Hack and Cheat Mod Apk

Mystic Heroes Hack and Cheat Mod Apk


The Nobis Continent is under assault by the clerics of obscurity.

Battle on to spare the kingdom with legends!

Get a group together and lead them to fight!

☞ Meet all the cool and restless characters you could request.

Battle fights close by characters with uncommon aptitudes and capacities.

Use an amazing arrangement of abilities!

It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your foes what you’re made of!


☞ Simple, quick paced, and vital.

Pull back when you’re in threat, and counterattack when the time is correct!

Exactly control your units to hold the adversary under control!

Join tank moves into your trap use and NPC unit operations

to topple adversary entryways rapidly!


☞ Choose from a scope of fight modes

An assortment of adversaries at each stage!

Appreciate the excite of tension and experience as you battle in fights!

Vanquish world supervisors with the guide of first class units.

Demonstrate your quality in an assortment of fight modes!


☞ Changing missions fulfill your five detects.

No two legends are indistinguishable.

Go with them on missions to gain awesome prizes!

▣ Game Features

– Choose from more than 100 energized characters. Gather Soulstones to summon much more confidants.

– Use updates, advancements, and arousing to control up your characters! Build up your own world class units!

Join distinctive units to make even troublesome stages a breeze.

– Amazing assault abilities! Utilize abilitiesand things further bolstering your good fortune in fights.

– World supervisors, the Arena, and day/extraordinary prisons make this a remarkable gaming knowledge!

– Use the group of three of water, fire, and nature to deliberately battle your adversaries!


* Address log get to (GET_ACCOUNTS)

– This authorization is utilized for record confirmation amid Google Play login. Address log get to must be conceded.

– Your address log document may be gotten to for record check.

* Phone call administration authorization (READ_PHONE_STATE)


– This authorization might be utilized to gather gadget data required for occasion prizes and client benefit.

– Granting this consent will guarantee that you get occasion data and lottery comes about.

– Your telephone’s call capacity won’t be influenced.


* Device, photograph, media, and record get to (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)

– This authorization is required to introduce diversion assets on your outside memory gadget.

– Grant this authorization to introduce diversion assets on an outside memory gadget if your telephone needs free memory space.

– Images and records saved money on your telephone won’t be gotten to.

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  1. ColorfulVoid says:

    The only Possible Working hack.

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    WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK <3 thanks dude

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    Time waste? NOPE Worth it!

  4. FunnySage says:

    its working on my ipad but i am having a problem with my android devices.

  5. GlitteringTadpole says:

    Literally Worth It <3

  6. SwallowRider says:

    Great Job Pal hope this hack wont get trace soon

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    i Try other but this is the only one working well

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    Yup this is the only working one’s thanks

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