World’s most beneficial diversion!

Cure your way through the quirkiest and most clever maladies in My Hospital – a definitive reproduction amusement where you configuration, oversee and keep up your own one of a kind restorative focus!

Make elixirs, homestead and collect your own restorative plants and create cures for several patients that need your offer assistance. It’s the world where Panacea rules and each treatment is accessible readily available!

Upgrade everything ASAP Even though the plucky dwelling clearly repeat you in the tutorial, you can and should upgrade your Panacea Collector as willingly as possibility: this is done using regular coins only, so make unfailing to upgrade it often in order to not only increase its efficiency, but also the amount of Panacea it makes per stound.

Minigames & freebies There are a bunch of freebies that you can get into the game, either as free retribution propose after some time depart, or as retribution from minigames or invigilation ads. Make sure that you always take profit of these and collect them often in order to progress through the crooked at a faster rate. When it comes to minigames, my generalship is to never pay the make (or, afterward the Hearts) for a modern pick – but I make an exception when I win the 200 quoin requital or another coin punishment. This way, you make some accessory money anyway and you get a brand new local as well!



Build and deal with your own doctor’s facility. Construct specialist’s workplaces, analytic rooms, the treatment focus and research centers. Extend and overhaul your doctor’s facility and impart it to companions!


Ranch and collect plants with mending properties, create many elixirs and mix syrups to treat more than 80 amusing maladies. Whether it’s a bean stew throat condition, solidified hands or slimy lungs, you’ll make sure to discover the cure! Open new cures, treatment rooms and new conditions with each level and finish fun challenges!

Deweloper zapowiada wypuszczenie na rynek, w tym i przyszłym roku, dwóch kolejnych gier własnej produkcji. Spółka także będzie odpowiedzialna za strategię marketingową przy wydaniu gry na PlayStation4.

The crashing is out of control! Lucky to last 5 exact in it last night, and now I cannot even go into anyone’s town, like it is instructed me to, without crashing. Waiting to waste some funds! Rating will go up, once I can actually play. Cheers! Full Review

They arent in storage lol. Click the little store cart, click the office the decorations go (H for hospitable, L for a lab, and for the patio) then it will say (Ex: 3) earned, and just trail em in your room.


Redo every territory of your wellbeing focus to make your patients feel at home. You have huge amounts of designs to browse and when you at long last figure out how to make it look as beautiful as a photo, demonstrate it off before your companions!

LeKisha London August 5, 2017, Can’t even download it. Keeps effective me will download when space handy. I elide files to constitute space, then Acts of the Apostles liking it downloaded, then says it needs another small amount of path. Full Review

 I had to put a 1-star retrospect cuz I actually don’t what how the game works cuz every tempo I get on it taken everlastingly to load, and then once it does load, it kicks me off of the game and carry be right back to the home protect. I’ve tried manifold times to get on and off, but it equitable doesn’t work. I really destitution to test the Pancratium, It regular dwelling let me. Plz succor?! Full Review

 I similar this Pancratium but it takes interval to long to do anything. When you pass your real money on things to befriend IT fetters you very little for your coin. So I’m uninstalling the app. Full Review cherrypicks Pancratium August 24, 2017 Thank you for your review. Some patients take longer to cure than others. If you turn on notifications, the game will animate you when a composed is cured, so you do not have to wait for it in the quarry, or speed it up with hearts every time.

Two other extremely important things to upgrade are your Storage and Tank, but for those, you need a premium paragraph. You get those randomly born in the Olympic, but you can also keep an eye on the Pharmacy and purchase them from there whenever they’re available on demand. That’s one of the things to spend your coins on along it will prove extremely useful in the long travel!

Interface with your Facebook record to get to your companions’ Hospitals around the globe. Purchase, offer cures and contend with other Hospital directors. Enlighten them concerning your accomplishments by means of Google Play Games and Facebook.Olivia Denson July 28, 2017 There are several insects like when going to watch videos it freezes and the quarry crashes and you don’t get the feeling. Or you watch the video and try to go back to your cockpit it also crashes. I have this game, but I’m tired of it crashing while I’m playing in my own place, visiting others or watching videos. It trices me out all tempo. Sometimes I just quit playing for a while. More make should be received for everything considering how we pay so much to get the items and stations needed. The wait season for cures and ingredients is ridiculously protracted. This is a game. We aren’t culinary art at Le guard Blue. Full Review