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Million Arthur Hack Webtools

Million Arthur Hack Webtools


No.1 Fantasy, Legend of Million Kings, Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur

Experience the constant 4-player community play and feel the impression offered by Square Enix!

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1. Challenge your hardest adversary through Real-Time Party Play!

– Play with up to 4 players all the while. Use ‘Chain Attack’ activated when you select the same knight card as your companion’s card and ‘Shortcoming Attack’ on the assault manager keeping in mind the end goal to crush your foes!

2. More huge, lively scale!

– All cards and characters have turned out to be energetic with top-quality voiceover specialists.

Experience three key components in the diversion: Scenario by Kazuma Kamachi (creator of Toaru Majutsu no Index), excellent outlines and 3D works of strike managers by different artists and astonishing representation and quality offered by Square Enix!

3. Constant, Non-stop Turn-based Battles!

– Lead your assault in every turn with an altered cost and trigger ‘Arousing Skill’ by coordinating your Arthur and card’s sort!

Utilize your strategic capacity in different circumstances to accomplish a triumph!

4. Innovative Growth System!

– Collect development materials to redesign your card and also the outline!

Win Fame Point through joining the same card and build your opportunity to acquire another card in the fight!

Elements of Card Growth System adds more amusing to the amusement.

5. Build your own particular deck with one of a kind aptitudes and qualities!

– The most effective deck is presently yours to work with 5 qualities and one of 4 classes: Millionaire, Mercenary, Thief and Diva.

▶ Story

A trip of new Arthurs starts. Four Arthurs have drawn Excalibur that existed in the period of ‘Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur.’ – Bard, Mercenary, Merchant and Thief.

Be that as it may, as the fight against “Intruders” gets to be extreme in Britain, there is no spot for new Arthurs to venture in.

While they are preparing at ‘Hebrides Castle’ situated in the north of Britain, the best risk starts to cast a shadow over Britain.


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