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Metal Fist: Urban Domination Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Metal Fist: Urban Domination Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Command your urban play area in Metal Fist – a multiplayer field battling amusement.

Crush your rivals, toss unstable barrels, shock them, set them ablaze. Take their valuable vitality and ENERGIZE yourself!


Gather novel things, step up your amusement and win enormous! Utilize that apparatus to put the chances to support you – each time you raise your vitality level, you enact an uncommon capacity allowed by a thing you’re wearing.

On the off chance that you rival supposes they’re harder than you – get together a few goons and demonstrate them off-base! Take their valuable vitality while your followers keep them occupied!



Battle for urban mastery continuously PVP multiplayer! Thrash your loved ones! Alternately a total outsider with a propelled matchmaking framework! The majority of this so you can indicate everybody who’s the supervisor. Also, once you’re the manager, recall to show it – winning grands coins, expected to opening epic skins for your characters!



„The city is not a solid wilderness, it is a human zoo” ~Desmond Morris. „The city is not a human zoo, it’s a demise trap made of flares, power and speeding autos and trains” ~Metal Fist group. That being stated, now and again your adversary will be the slightest of your stresses – in your mission to ENERGIZE you’ll need to evade approaching movement, speeding tram autos and spilling gas pipes, that somebody chose would be an extraordinary thought to smoke appropriate alongside.


Extraordinary VISUAL STYLE

Prepare for some eye-popping knowledge! One of a kind workmanship style and front line visuals controlled by Unreal Engine 4 innovation surely conveys! You realize what they say. Cool folks don’t take a gander at blasts. However, our blasts are awesome to the point, that cool folks take pictures of them and afterward supplant with them those exhausting family photographs that messiness their cool work areas.



Our controls are touchest and swipest of them all – you’ll have the capacity to play out the most epic of combos consistently. You’ll resemble „OMG how did I get it done, that was AWESOME!” and we’ll resemble „Just the best touch controls found in a battling amusement, no major ordeal”. More than that, it’s solely for cell phones, so be more than certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the touch-based control framework brings about the ideal result.



Gather and specialty your catalysts to redo your characters and play style, so when you ENERGIZE, they will know you mean business. Be whoever you need, would whatever you like to! Be that as it may, hello, we can’t instruct you. Nobody can!

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