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Luna Chronicles Hack Webtools

Luna Chronicles Hack Webtools


A stolen vessel. Orcs and Goblins on a deadly frenzy. An area headed to craziness. All is not well in the once ideal universe of Luna, and it falls upon you to lead an endeavor profound into the heart of haziness to kill your previous faithful comrade, Erega. Gather your fearlessness, reinforce your saints, and hone your minds as you go head to head against the powers of defilement in an amazing experience that will test both your brains and strength!

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★Show Your Tactical Genius★

• Tactical adaptability implies your triumphs rely on upon aptitude and insight and not out and out good fortunes!

★Control the Battle★

• Take a dynamic part in your officers’ battle strategies! You choose which capacities they utilize and when.

★Formulate Your Battle Plan★

• Personalize your squad’s fight arrangement with the Grid System to counter the foe’s technique!

★Be the Commander You Want to Be★

• Choose your playstyle between Offensive, Defensive and Balanced, and even select from three diverse auto-fight modes!

★Craft Your Army★

• A diverse group of knights, kunoichi, Battle Pandas, She-Serpents and more anticipate your order. Level and Enhance them as they advance into relentless soldiers!

★Experiment and Hybridize★

• Fancy yourself a failing warrior with recuperating powers? Make your own half and half classes by utilizing Skill Books to allow your saints spells and powers well outside their mastery!


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