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Lost Tale Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Lost Tale Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


“Just so exhausted and desolate, isn’t that right? ㅠ “

party prison’ ▶ made out of continuous “

to a gathering consolidating diverse qualities and vocation

consolidated powers let up test stages!

“I think a ton of garments are deficient with regards to something .. !! “

▶ “outfit” to complete me

flaunt your own one of a kind altered in an assortment of

looks and in addition expanded battle ability Let!

“Haejwoya simply realize that a steed ?! ㅠ “

▶ sentiments’ as emoticons!

Glad, pitiful, furious! Through Charming emoticons


Give me a chance to express an assortment of feelings!

“The ride’s not all – got to yippwo ~ “

▶ gwiyeom offer blast’ Transportation “

will each possess ride with an alternate look and development speed, assistant aptitudes!

Take the ride to help battle the withdrew!

“I need todevelopso adorable ㅠ “

▶ chose thee! “Three sorts of pet “

How about we play a fight with petdeul with the three properties!


Furthermore, even resurrection is likewise conceivable developmental development thing!

And furthermore it hasa pet Attack Power UP! UP!

‘~ I need to state that ♬ ~ Love ~ “

▶ please acknowledge my heart – ” Hearts expression ‘ppyongppyong!

How about we pass the hearts and coins gain the ensemble!

It looks more breathtaking to be communicated!

‘uh?! That sounds like fun Oh, do you?! “

▶ Save the assembled compel field “PVE!”

Keep the assistance of partners assaulted the firearm!

More than twice as fun when alone!

‘Why’s it along today, irritated naneunji … . ㅠ “

▶ Today is detectable in my eyes Do ~’ PVP! “

Destiny of cases the pride of the organization fight, before the camp!

I am the primary spot around there, the Arena!

Such ravenous and need more ‘development? Was not he? “


▶ I’m more grounded! Previous class!

The previous class fragment outperformed the essential occupation!

Capacities, appearance, aptitudes, utilize weapons, for example, point by point ex-change is conceivable!

▣ broil tail formally open remember a unique occasion!

1. Challenge the pooch geunwang! To expand the entrance through a lottery Gift!

2. Raise the hwalyakdo confirmation liberal pay through a lottery!

3. On the off chance that the validation step up the chance to get bromide watts Weiss marked CD!

4. Take a gander at the stars accumulated quality! Contingent upon the appraised control accomplish blessing things!

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