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Lost Survivor Hack and Cheat Mod Apk

Lost Survivor Hack and Cheat Mod Apk


On the off chance that you discover this note,


I am stranded on an obscure tropical island and need your offer assistance. I don’t recollect how I arrived, my identity nor where I originate from.

The island is unfilled to the extent I can tell… unless you tally the abnormal animals. Nourishment is running out, my cabin demands updating, I require supplies and a route back.


It would be ideal if you get this note to somebody that can offer assistance. Reveal to them I am absent. Reveal to them I require help.


My lone companion, a talking feathered creature, has been directing me up until this point. In any case, I’m rapidly coming up short on provisions. Help me disentangle the motivation behind why I am here and go along with me in my enterprises!


– Craft many interesting things to keep yourself alive and battle back awful beasts populating the island

– Explore the continually changing tropical condition


– Cooperate with others to unwind the astonishing storyline and uncover the dull mysteries of the island

– Enjoy mind blowing graphical quality with day and night and climate impacts


– Build up your own particular camp where you can rest and plan your next strides

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