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Loong Craft Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016

Loong Craft Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016


Asia NO.1 MMO RPG diversion, more than 10 million players sitting tight for you!

★ Grossing Top 1 in Malaysia,China,Taiwan

★ Real-time procedure multiplayer amusements and fights

★ Different nations players battle together in State war!

★ Defeat remote invaders,defending honor of your state!

Who can manage South East Asia? It’s your turn!

==== Introduction ====

Loong specialty is a mmorpg diversion in light of China Three Kingdoms foundation. you manufacture your city, rise your saints, prepare your troops, join the union and test players around the globe. Loong Craft is determined to the foundation of the three kingdoms. In such a period of saints, you will go through the genuine stories of the three kingdoms and begin your own legend from an obscure fighter to a renowned general.

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==== Features ====

* **State War!Brave yourself for the fights!

State War is the center arrangement of the diversion. State War begins at 8:00pm and goes on for 30 mins. 6 states will be isolated into 3 bunches. In every gathering, 1 state will be the assaulting side while another will be the guarding side. 2 states will battle against each other inside the distributed time.

* **Challenge Different Dungeons!Expore all the more new gameplay!

It has for some time been realized that the prison is an extraordinary approach to get EXP for step up and things. However not at all like standard RPGs, the prison in Loong Craft contains different solo and group cells. Every one gives an alternate energizing background.

* **Guild Function!Interact with different players.

You can set up your own particular organization or join a society officially settled by others.

Numerous frameworks including organization missions, society commitment, society estate anticipate in the Guild interface. You can likewise raise your CP by finishing the society missions.

***Join your own particular State!Experience assortment of state frameworks

There are 6 states in the amusement. You should pick one among them when you are making your character and give yourself to that state in your later excursion. Join the state war and finish the comparing state missions for your condition of decision. There are an assortment of intriguing frameworks in the State interface. You can even claim a compensation day by day and get advanced in positions.

***Voice Chat!Unite your partners together!

At the point when in State War, how you speak with your partners assumes a critical part in the war result. Loong Craft permits you to utilize voice visit to converse with your companions in the talk box. Tap and hold the voice catch to talk and discharge to send the voice message.

== Four Classes to Choose!


Scuffle physical assault, has high DEF. Exceeds expectations at cutting edge assurance.


Have compelling AoE abilities, great at limiting adversaries. Can bargain high harm yet needs DEF. A decent strategist ought to know how to shield oneself from assaults and look after HP.


Utilizes scuffle enchanted assault, great at strike. Watchword: Flexible. A lancer battles with a lance for successful close battle battling. Lancer has extraordinary Crit and can without much of a stretch seek after and quickly assault adversaries.


Extended physical assailant, can over and over arrangement harm from far off. In the event that you incline toward a class that can dispatch extraordinary went assaults, toxophilite will be a decent decision.



Gather cards to actuate the relating combo and detail reward. Rescue your extra cards to get Card Tokens which can be traded for cards of higher qualities.

Gather more cards and become more grounded!


An imperative technique to support CP is to raise hardware CP. Hardware incorporates protective caps, belts, tights, boots, neckbands and rings.

Update or attachment jewels to raise your hardware CP. Spend silver to update hardware as your character step up and attachment pearls when you locate the required jewels.


A couple of wings won’t just allow an exquisite look however extraordinary detail rewards. You can update and transform to raise the wings CP.


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