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LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu Hack and Cheat Mod Apk

LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu Hack and Cheat Mod Apk


Grants and ACCOLADES

**LoA-Legend of AbhiManYu chosen for Independent Games Festival (IGF), GDC ’17, San Francisco**

**LoA-Legend of AbhiManYu chosen in Top 20 diversions for The Very Big Indie Pitch, PG Connects ’17, London**

**LoA-Legend of AbhiManYu chosen in Top 30 diversions for The Indie Expo, Game Access ’17, Czech Republic (2017).**


**TouchArcade (Eli Hodapp) – “.. I’m loving the craftsmanship, and it’s dependably enjoyable to play an amusement that recounts a story from an alternate culture..”**


**Theiphoneappreview (Sarah Hanlon) – 5/5 – “..this is an amusement the entire world would enjoy..”**

**AlphaDigits (Vanessa Jane) – 9.5/10 – “..magnificently composed, bragging sharp illustrations that adversary any film I’ve seen on my iPhone..”**

**iFanzine (R.SHIELS) – 4.5/5 – “ epic blockbuster-sort encounter any semblance of which we don’t see sufficiently about of on the iOS stage nowadays..”

**TheSmartphoneAppReview – 95/100 – “..As troublesome as it might be, the test made the amusement fun and more like a comfort diversion than one on a portable device..”**


**iPhoneGlance (Eric Compton) – “..have a craving for going up against the assignment of overcoming a 1000 + armed force, taking in a little about old Sanskrit verse and above all, kicking some ass..”**

**Fanappic (Melanie) – “..the tender loving care, energy and gamer-inclusion will be the thing that makes you stay..”**

**Appolicious – “..As a diversion which can fuse comfort level quality as a versatile application, Legend of Abhimanyu has elevated the benchmark for others in the field that are looking to fundamentally separate themselves..”**

**AppTimes – “…it furnishes hours of excitement with amazements around each corner. As you finish one collaboration, another anticipates, testing your weaponry aptitude set, perseverance, and technique..”**

**Infocurse – “..cures my blood thirst, Legend of Abhimanyu..”**



* Variety in Gameplay

LoA gives an exceptional mix of Hack “n” Slash, beat’em up and on-chariot arrow based weaponry gameplay. It has Archers, warriors, double sword troopers, mace fighters, skewer officers, and so on.

* Boss Battles

Grasp the energy of thunder of Guru Drona, demonstrate your valor by confronting the fire energy of Karna, who draws vitality from sun. Show the strength to wash out the unfading scoundrel with water power and scalawag with energy of destructive tornado’s, shudders and so on.

* Cinematic Look and Feel

LoA interleaves gameplay with perfectly rendered story slice scenes to give a true to life look and feel to the exciting war condition.

* Device-Specific Features

Haptic criticism bolster [requires gadget with competent hardware]

iCloud spares bolster [requires a substantial iCloud account]



LoA-Legend of AbhiManYu: Experience being an unbelievable 16 year old warrior in first historically speaking 3D Mobile Game in light of the Ancient Indian Epic ‘The Mahabhrata’. It is a fight amusement that is not at all like some other you would have ever played. You’ll need to battle alone against the best warriors of that period and enter the hardest war development of multi levels with the intend to break these levels one by one and spare the day; a day which even God was likewise on edge to get over. This amazingly exciting single player activity experience diversion will give you a real feel of being amidst fight ground with a great deal of war enterprises against intense miscreants and demigods.

Have a ton of fun and excites by breaking into the testing riddles and methodology based war arrangements e.g. Trident development, Circular arrangement, Wing arrangement, Wave arrangement, Wheel arrangement, Octopus development and so on.

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