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Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Join treasure seekers turned legends, Ava and Walker, as they wander profound into the Inecran Jungles to uncover their reality’s most valuable fortune, cubelets – the wellspring of a crude otherworldly influence. Wealth and radiance soon tumble to the wayside upon the disclosure that cubelets have been strangely stripped of their enchantment. These fortune seekers discover that they should gather as one to spare their reality from an evil danger!


This cooperation of far-fetched saints will soon discover that a Dark Wizard has started to gradually unfurl his arrangements to crush the world utilizing the stolen cubelet enchantment!

– RECRUIT a multitude of assorted saints joined in one mission, to spare their reality

– POSITION legends strategically on the fight matrix and see their fights strikes unfurl


-ASCEND legends higher than ever, furnished with uncommon weapons and epic assaults

– JOURNEY through the Legacy Quest world, in a race against time to stop the Dark Wizard



Travel through and over the tropical Inecran Jungle, the Crossbone Coast and more to enroll a multitude of capable people, orcs, trolls, and other special animals! Prepare recently selected legends, open chivalrous fight assaults, and usher your armed force to triumph!



Lead your group of legends onto the assorted fight network landscape and get ready to see their barrage assaults unleashed! Position matters in this fight – strategize assaults to expand scope of flame. Prepare to pulverize incalculable foes!



Enter the Arena and test the quality of your armed force of saints! Pick your enemy or enemies shrewdly and perceive how quick you can climb the leaderboards.

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