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League of Angels-Paradise Land Hack and Cheat Mod Apk

League of Angels-Paradise Land Hack and Cheat Mod Apk


An everlasting cycle of contention has flipped around the universe of Elysium. The interminable power battle has at long last toppled the Angels from their place as the nobility. In any case, this did not prompt peace. Truth be told, the strife between the Humans, Elves, and Orcs have heightened much more. At the same time, hiding in the shadows, an evil power plots its reprisal.


At the point when the Prophecy of the Apocalypse spread over the land, it wound up noticeably woven into the texture of destiny. Legend says just “Omega,” an old relic of the Angels, has the ability to adjust destiny and keep the apocalypse.

Join the epic adventure! Engage YOUR HEROES, BATTLE WITH ANGELS! Recover the wonderfulness of the League of Angels!

[Game Introduction]

The freshest portable amusement in honor winning League of Angels arrangement is here! Class of Angels: Paradise Land is the following epic dream RPG that will take you on a frightening trip through the universe of the Angels.


Outwardly, the amusement highlights delightful 3D illustrations, dynamic landscape, and wonderful character configuration made by senior workmanship chief on GTA5. On the gameplay side, another double asset battle framework and joining of different sorts like MOBA and Roguelike has made an interesting and creative versatile RPG for the LoA universe.

[Game Features]

Heavenly Visual Presentation:

– Stunning battle impacts

– Dynamic 3D landscape

– Exquisite character workmanship and plan


Drawing in Strategy:

– Epic Battles: Recruit Heroes and deliberately fabricate your group to overcome the powers of underhandedness

– Innovative Dual Resource battle framework includes another layer of system

Various Progression Methods:

– Recruit Heroes, Augment and Ascend their energy, learn and redesign intense Skills, and construct your definitive group

– Thousands of Hero Equipment to discover; Upgrade, Refine, and even Awaken them to open their actual potential


– Imbue your Heroes with new powers utilizing the enchanted Magistones

– Hero Blessing permits all your Heroes add to your quality

Wide Variety of Gameplay:

– Honor Trial: Dungeon-slithering diversion mode in view of the Roguelike classification

– Labyrinth: Explore the darkest profundities, find concealed fortunes, and go up against epic Bosses!

– Arena: Battle players around the globe, utilize methodology to overcome your adversaries

– Guilds: Create or join Guilds with many players, endeavor towards shared objectives

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