League of Angels II, the accompany-up to the hit title League of Angels, was developed in China by Youzu Interactive. Boasting a wide wander of disturbing PvE game modes as well as dynamite PvP onset, players must form an elemental swarm of force heroes ready for battalion in this cheering turn based action RPG. Featuring effecting 3D graphics and a unique strategic depth of gameplay, League of Angels II promises to build on its predecessor’s succession.

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In addition to using heroes, each fight formation can confine one Angel. Angels can suit very powerful when leveled up and will provide crucial back for your battle formation. As with heroes, there are many Angels that can be unlocked by libertine, each one with unparalleled dexterity.

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Aside from golden, gamester can also use lozenge as currency. Diamonds can be awarded when deceive certain milestones and completing certain achievements. One option to acquire them is to possession them using real-world money, but they are also readily available in game. Diamonds can be custom to speed up every aspect of the game, from leveling up Angels and Heroes to purchasing better gear as well as more stamina and battalia attempts.

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League of Angels II’s artless gameplay and interface produce you in the action quick, but there’s a surprising amount of generalship complex. Your party’s makeup and equipment is crucial to your succession, and you strait to adopt the direct tempo to activate your angels’ specific abilities to improve your damage against difficult foes.

tsktsktsk Reply on December 28, 2016 I’m sorry honey, but “micro”transactions aren’t enough in this game if you want to have solid inscribe. This game rudely evince what is free players place….

“Embark on an Homeric quest to save the start of Sapphire in League of Angels 2 (LoA2), the frank-to-play browser-based MMORPG sequel to one of the most popular plucky of the past several donkey’s.” — The epopoean quest combine really ends smack in 2-3 hours after the tutorial is over. There is something of a story at the origin which isn’t amazing, but it’s something. This ends after the game has nothing new to show you. From here it becomes a diurnal repetitive grind and it gotta antiquated readily.

A long period ago, Angels ruled the Earth and kept it in a constant state of harmony and balance. However, an evil force betrayed them and they fell into a deep doze, which Embarrass the Venus into confusion. Now some heroes are fighting to restore frith, trust for the balance to arrive back.

proweler Reply on September 16, 2016 handsome rough and tumble game but you can run out of stuff to do soon.if you can’t afford to ransom alot of diamonds then it’s a slow product on this lame to get strong.on the events concerning over moiety of them only street to do them is to spend alot of specie on diamonds and topez’s.another problem is when it says it takes 200 topez’s lets say it also takes 200 of your diamonds,and if you ransom stuff that regular choose diamonds they take your topez’s aside as well.which you would ponder if it says only topez it would only take those not your diamonds as well.it’s a bullshit scam that needs to be settled.

Hi. I have been playing this game for a year. When it started this plucky was day and airy and friendly of fun. There are ways to make a shapely amount of BR if you perceive what your doing. I heed players Saw yes, this is a market, not a plucky. But the other half is created by stats and primarily there was a way to bust that up smoothly so you can climb in BR which is short for Battle Rating which is overall power. Its hard to clear up, but essentially a player gotta a squad and gets a bunch of contrivance and property, and operate for “Power” in events against other trifler for excess might like a group of events from stylized bestride racing. Its actually bounteous of appealing, but the game makers of LOA II have done a nest of things to make the game less appealing extra time to strive to make it so in essence a player has to recharge. So it becomes throughout WHAT is in there pocket expressive money meaning dollars, and not about what is in your pocket. In reality I got to Level 98 with a 72 million BR. I am top 10 for one of those events called Earth knob. All players on your server attack charachters primarily 30 exact, now for 10 to raise damage appoint and the bosses have inordinate health. The slayers get 200,000 food colouring in mail extra as a premium. We get damage riches for each attack and amount of bullion gold for damage requite. Anyway, the game works out, but they do something thats pleasing at first. They add new events and such to change and increase the style of game play. A year ago there wasn’t Battle Pets and now there is. Battle Pets originally I surmise had a negative side performance for them as a system was cracked sanction us to gutter high end give of this type of coin because there are different kinds of shops with each one a dissimilar type of currency. Anyway, we could application Battle Pets quite effectively to promote our stats. Its arduous to resolve in this text, but they the Olympic makers figured out the proposition of us conquest and came up with a unaccustomed event that drop pleasing in a sort of street but throws a wrench into Battle Pets. They had added Armaments to Mounts but had added a seperate way of raising them up with an event using GOLD, the statistics could be commodiously operate and feeling gold is too guiltless propagate this didn’t work as well as Gold is gain in so many places if a player does it right the fork in the fraud is carelessly managed. Because it didn’t toil there and players dear it they decided to do it twice. Yeah, now our battle pets can have Armaments but…you can only get recourse AND supply threw purchasing 5 daily chests from the battle Royal Shop with this circulation. They put a stipulation on it that wouldn’t from it horrible buying it for one day 5,000 of this shop worth. But, between direct the other resources battle indulged shard purchases impartial even it require it so you have to choose. it creates a co-efficient drag to deliberate you down. But for those who throw more rhombus into the game for bonuses they may escape this issue clause easier. Now, this Olympic also does things to dilatory the players down chiefly who are NOT recharge players which are those who DON’T consume REAL money. Somehow the servers slow down every 2 to 3 weeks the connections. When they start back up the servers they send a sorry we were down gift and guess who gets highest retribution? Rechargers – players who spend rhino recently. VIP 0 (NOT recharging) to VIP 10 those who SPEND excessively capacious amounts of coin. They replace its success apprehension it offline at a crucial time to allege your account and this is how they tool it. So, the losers are those who signior’t bestow in the gamble. During the high item of X-server wars…