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Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Hack and Cheat Webtools

Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Hack and Cheat Webtools


A clever and unusual go up against Romance of Three Kingdoms like never done! Appreciate profound gameplay and awesome spell impacts in Kingdom Story!


Advance through the plot of the Chinese Three Kingdoms time frame ever. Gather huge amounts of intense and cool warriors. Manufacture your base from an interesting little station to a considerable military city! Assume control China in World Domination mode! Challenge your kinsmen in epic PvP matches.

Inspired by Chinese history? Adored Dynasty Warriors? Enthusiast of RPGs with huge amounts of cool characters? Kingdom Story is the versatile RPG for you!



The best and most celebrated warriors from Chinese history all show up here! Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Gan Ning, Zhuge Liang and numerous more to gather. Deliberately blend and match your lineup to exploit collaborate rewards that originate from characters’ connections!


Assume control ANCIENT CHINA

Global control mode gives an exceptional affair!Begin in your station on a guide of old China, assume control domains and select your commanders as governors! Be careful with uprisings and attacks from adversary groups!


Kingdom Story is a comedic and cheerful go up against the Romance of Three Kingdoms, the most popular bit of Chinese writing. Become more acquainted with about the underhandedness of the Wei ruler Cao, the valor of the legend Guan Yu and the virtuoso of the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang!



Starting with only a little military station, develop ranches, dividers, mines, and even hotsprings to your heart’s craving and develop your base into the best military city of antiquated China! The look and design of the base is yours to choose!


Go up against OTHER PLAYERS

Kingdom Story’s PVP is key and fulfilling. Choose your arrangement among Strategists, Melee Warriors, Mid-Range Warriors, Archers and Royals, each with various aptitudes and capacities. Blend and match and shape the best group that steamrolls the opposition.

Download Kingdom Story today!

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