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JanKen Battle Arena Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

JanKen Battle Arena Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Searching for another sort of amusement? JanKen Battle Arena offers players a novel and one of a kind gaming knowledge that spins around the old exemplary Rock, Paper and Scissors workman joined with some battling diversion component and sprinkled with Social and RPG components.


Besides, challenge individual JanKen aces far and wide into a fight over the web. Even better, welcome your companions to JanKen Battle Arena to duel and claim the gloating rights to be the better JanKen ace.

Things being what they are, what is a JanKen ace? Janken (じゃん拳 janken) is what might as well be called Rock Paper Scissors.


Along these lines, JanKen ace would mean theace of Rock, Paper and Scissors diversion, which is the center repairman of JanKen Battle Arena.


*8 JanKen bosses to open with all the more coming later on!

*5 Jin Rai (exceptional moves) per character


*More than 150 things to gather!

*Collaborative Boss mode

*Multiple Boss Mode remunerate: Best Damage, Kill Bonus, Discover Bonus and Boss Defeat Bonus


*Gotcha smaller than expected diversion

*Accessible and significant “Simple to learn, Hard to ace”

*Mini-amusements in the event of fairness


*Online Player versus player battles ( turn based )

… and that’s just the beginning!

In the event that you think you have seen it all, JanKen Battle Arena may be the diversion that will astonish you with its stand-out mixture gameplay. Plan to battle, JanKen style and turn into a definitive JanKen ace all inclusive!

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