Posted by Raidz on Dec 28, 2016
Hero of Prophecy – Elite Beta Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Hero of Prophecy – Elite Beta Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


With the outsider Sattur’s coming, the upbeat and quiet life was been softened up Skarner.


The ruler of dimness was discovering host of murkiness’ energy by thousands ways, and looking for restoring the haziness control.

Sattur went to your side with a specific end goal to give you a chance to dodge been disintegrated by murkiness control.


You, who conceived frame light while started in dimness, can change destiny?


You would been gotten in perpetual dimness or welcome the sacred light sparkles?


Our diversion Hero of Prophecy is in trying period, hence, we trust that we can grow together in this mysterious world. You are welcome particularly to advance significant suppositions in this procedure of experience. We should together upgrade this resting supernatural world and animated the dangerous adventure which has a place with us.


Here, approaching your accomplices in this mainland that loaded with epic enterprises, additionally, making your own group of soldier of fortune through constituting diverse properties’ aptitudes and gear. At that point, investigate this enormous enchanted world together and advance this energizing test.

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10 Responses to “Hero of Prophecy – Elite Beta Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android”

  1. Gushy_DudeXOXO says:

    i have a problem its working to my Android but i have a problem in iOS kindly help me i bought VIP thanks

  2. LuckyFuckperson says:

    i Just Sent you a PM! thank you for the hard work <3 this hack is always updated from time to time.

  3. FloppyQueenXO says:

    Great Job watta Hack.

  4. DrunkVibrator420 says:

    I have a problem with android version is this working with 4.1 android?

  5. MisusedCockboyXOXO says:

    Working on my Samsung Device <3 thanks great job.

  6. MouthbreathingCumstainXOXO says:

    working on my phone but not in my tablet why? can you kindly PM me. thanks

  7. MouthbreathingCumstainXOXO says:

    tried almost all of the hacking site but this is the only one working thanks.

  8. UsedFuckgirl2000 says:

    do i need to finish the verification ? or just wait to load?

  9. Athletic_Beefcurtains says:

    I just received my vip membership now. Imcusing the hack of other games thanks.

  10. Horrible_Idiot420 says:

    I am wondering about me quiting but u save me. Hehe i hope i wont get ban thanks.

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