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HelloLucia Hack and Cheat Webtools

HelloLucia Hack and Cheat Webtools


In the wake of downloading and presenting the entertainment store execution keeps on downloading additional advantages.

LTE, so if downloaded from the 3G environment to run out a considerable measure of data,

It is endorsed that you get the opportunity to download from the Wi-Fi environment.

Howdy! Lucia definitively released! Open Event Information

★★★★★ open dispatch event guide

– Only the rich character of the things paid ₩ 160,000 ₩ 15,000 from the it’s worth!

– 1 + 1 The additional portions charged Diamond

– Add things paid by level achieved!

– Item portion required while interfacing diversion in 7 days!

– Item rulretreul increased through step by step one-time lucky

– Treasure Hunt to get discounts on excess things Events!


About the preoccupation ★★★

You don’t pull the true blue catch a ride with RPG

Howdy! Lucia (Hello LUCIA)


★ Game Story

Yigye interruption was seen, get together the one hundred years freethinkers assumed that tricky spirits again after the end of humanity did not stop the frenzy of war cleared ryeotgo the war under the apparent unification of the terrain.

Each city-state had tumultuous behavior, wealth unevenness is the finishing did was, mischance

Cheohaetda the whole terrain impasse, both inside and remotely.

The legend was considered amid a period of war was against the assault of the unbelievers coming to jump upon. Each city in the country to induce the people from mankind collected uprising that squashed the tricky spirits and the skeptic yigye

After all is to keep the peace on the territory.


★ Game Features

Empowering outline to agreeable ride thumb!

To make character cute pet system!

World BOSS battle system!


Fun Community system!

Control of the past system, a variety of parts!

★ Content

– Large-scale PVP spread out with emerge sex [siege] and [! Scramble for treasure]


– Scramble flag – that broad scale PVP is in headway!

– To get a grouping of things [scenario dungeon!]

– One that can get no-limit rewards paying little personality to the outcome: 1 PVP [stadium!]

– The truth is that you can get a more liberal compensation higher [of the Infinite!]


– PVP [job Ranking ago!] By pulling the master powerhouse

– PVP [Top of the opportunity!] Unfolds with the best reward at normal interims

– Open-sensible financial system, [auction] content!

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