Posted by Raidz on Aug 24, 2014
Friendly Fire Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools

Friendly Fire Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools



Guard your country and demolish your opponents! Manufacture an armed force, sustain your base, and overcome the world!

Welcome to Friendly Fire! As Commander, you must form an imposing armed force and turn into a power to be figured with. Your prosperity will secure your position as the world’s most prominent superpower – turn into the jealousy of your companions and the worst thing about your foes. Unleash tanks, ordnance, and airborne ambushes to squash each one of the individuals who stand in your direction.

Develop your base and protect it from different players with a deadly scope of cautious abilities. Battle your way up the leaderboard; turn into the best in your city, country, and in the end the world!

Your armed force is solid yet it needs an extraordinary pioneer. Your armed force needs you!

– Real-world places: The diversion is genuinely worldwide. Amicable Fire! utilizes your exact area (GPS or system based) to permit you to manufacture your base camp right in your own particular main residence!

– Weapons of decimation: Build tanks, scouts, big guns, and flying machine to vanquish your adversaries.

– Power-ups: Earn catalysts in fight to build harm, hit focuses, and a great deal more!

– Friendly Fire takes a shot at tablets!



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