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Fantasy Arena Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016

Fantasy Arena Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016


◈◈◈Description ◈◈◈

Welcome to the Fantasy Arena in the Magic Land of Velni where the most intense Heroes accumulate. Gather a group of Heroes and train them to make the Ultimate Battle Deck. Strategize the best lineup to test rivals from around the globe utilizing our realtime coordinating framework. Inundate yourself in serious and quick paced turn-based fights, enduring under 3 minutes each. Think rapidly and unleash the executioner expertise combos that will eventually vanquish your adversaries!


◈◈◈Features ◈◈◈

1. Gather a program of relentless Heroes with diverse spell aptitudes

Fight in various novel fields to open new Hero Cards and grow your fight deck. Construct your amazing lineup utilizing dissimilar sorts of Heroes, for example, Tank, AOE (Area of Effect), and Healing.

2. Inundate yourself in the quick paced turn-based fight

Rout your adversary in 3 minutes! Vanquish your adversaries by deliberately setting up your fight development, dealing with your Mana Crystals, and unleashing lethal spell combos!

3. Trade Hero Cards with your Clanmates

Structure a Clan to rule the world. Make companions, trade cards, offer systems, and overcome!

4.Customize Heroes with fancy ensembles

The diversion’s ensemble capacity coordinates hundred of bits of clothing for Heroes including uncommon weapons, pieces of clothing, and extras, permitting your Heroes to emerge on the war zone.

5. Cutting edge movement

Flashier battle liveliness and pyrotechnic representation make the most immersive and addictive fights accessible.

◈◈◈Background Story◈◈◈

In the sixteenth century, the insanity for disclosure held the world. Into this milieu ventured a youthful globe-trotter, Phillips. Utilizing a baffling guide given to him by his granddad, Phillips and his little team set sail for wonderfulness. The guide demonstrated the area of the fanciful Magic Land of Velni. On the 208th day of adventure, the group’s fortunes were changed by the sudden appearance of a leviathan, which annihilated their specialty. After some time, he got up to get himself and his group in the Magic Land of Velni. Phillips realized that there were Magic Treasures and greater difficulties – fight with the Magic Heroes in the Fantasy Arena anticipating him ahead.



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