Posted by Raidz on May 9, 2015
Empires and Allies Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools

Empires and Allies Hack Android and iOS Mod Webtools


Join your companions, structure organizations together, form your armed force and plan for the fight to come.

Welcome to Empires and Allies, the widely praised present day military system diversion that puts the weapons of today’s armed forces readily available, in a fight for control of the globe.

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– DEPLOY THE WEAPONS OF MODERN WAR from strategic nukes and hellfire rockets to orbital strikes.

– BUILD IN THE WAR FACTORY and art every single new weapon in addition to epic particle guns, stealth generators, air-med dronehives, and more….

– BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WARS with up to 100 different players as your organization together battles for control of the globe.

– DESIGN YOUR PERFECT ARMY from the munititions stockpiles of today’s militaries with fight solidified tanks, bug automatons, helicopters, and that’s just the beginning.

– DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS convey progressively troublesome situations that imitate the flightiness of fighting.

– SAVE THE WORLD from the GRA, an underhanded terrorist association, and protect your domains from different players



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  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    this hacksite is coolest working site ever thank you

  2. Misty Byrd says:

    admin the coc hack is working to me but this game is you.

  3. Ernest Chavez says:

    best website ever. thanks.

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