Posted by Raidz on Sep 25, 2016
Dynasty Rush: Jade Summoner Hack and Cheat Webtools

Dynasty Rush: Jade Summoner Hack and Cheat Webtools


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– Get Adorable【Diao Chan】on the second day

– Brave【Zhang Fei】on the seventh day

– Be the Top and Win 5-Star 【Zhang Jiao】

★ New Style Three Kingdoms Strategy Game this Year!

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★ Subversive Three Kingdoms Hero and Story!

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Custom Rush is a Three Kingdom procedure title,combine with card social event, reenactments and fun battles.

Another particular Three Kingdom story is sitting tight for you to uncover.

Meet the notable officers like you never knew them.

Let the creative Gameplay takes your breath away!

– Features- –


Creative Strategy

Pick the benefit legends and summon them with right demand, squash your foe’s obstruction tower with your framework and shrewdness. Continuous battle testing your holy person picking and summon timing.

Highlighted Three kingdoms Warriors

Whole new Three Kingdoms Story and highlighted delightful holy people. More than 40 famous Three kingdoms warriors than unique aptitudes and appearance.

Make and Defend Your City

Make your own city, shield it from your foe kingdoms. Plan of Defend Tower and Barracks,and structures with different limits sitting tight for you around the neighborhood. Test your battle game plan and send them in city boundary.

General City Battle

– Fight with general players, transform into the pioneer of the most stimulating age.

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