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Dragon HunterHack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Dragon HunterHack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Bahamut the Destroyer has Arrived!

It is safe to say that you are Ready to Explore This Dangerous Land and Hunt Down Ferocious Dragons?

Join the Guild War and Clash with Your Enemies!


A huge number of Dragonborns are Waiting for a KING legend!


 Special diversion motor worked from insight Vision Inspection Technology to boost execution on versatile

 A Magical Land with every distinctive animal. There are different Ancient Fairy stories and Epic Stories.


 Train your furnished monster for various Dragon Forms to crash Bosses.

 QTE fight framework and Action game.Slide your fingers to be a legend easily

 Arrows and Swords. Pick your Attack Mode relying upon condition

 Real-time PVP, Ladder Tournament.Can you administer this world?

 Three Natural Elements. Various Skills Restrain Each Other.

 Guild Wars, Field Boss, Strategy of Moba. Distinctive intriguing gameplays.


 Easy to Socialize. Battle and remain adjacent to your mates

Several years back, The Ancient God, Bahamut The Destroyer broke free from his bondage. He brought red hot disunity over the Land Icyria. Every one of the warriors of Icyria stood together and battled back. Finally Bahamut was fixed in a gigantic shake and expelled to another measurement.

After that Holy War, peace came to Icyria once more. Every one of the animals cooperated to convey back human progress to this land.


However, a little while later, measures of mythical serpent beasts went insane. They devastated all that they saw with their ruinous power. As of now, some youthful explorers came here.They were conceived with the otherworldly forces with which they can converse with Dragons and prepare them. So they are capable to chase down Evil Dragons with their Legacy. They are「Dragonborns」.

Would they be able to spare Icyria? Would Bahamut return to life once more? The War amongst Humans and Dragons starts… …

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