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Dragon Dragon (Dragon Revolt) -3D orthodox magic to restart the epic continent Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Dragon Dragon (Dragon Revolt) -3D orthodox magic to restart the epic continent Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Mysterious revive, youth interminable! Snail Games 2017 Annual Strategy!

3D MMO customary enchantment hand visit “Tarrasque World”, reestablish level HD end of the photo quality, vast genuine 3D consistent guide free investigation, twofold camp, strategic creature cultivation exemplary play complex engraved. Epic group duplicate, enthusiasm BOSS war, legitimate land recovery encounter, the six races began the destiny of the war. The main aptitudes, runes, ability with, host-based control point of view, additionally can ride the mythical serpent jump framework landmass. For confidence and radiance, glorious mystical landmass, in this restart!


[Game characteristics]

– twofold camp six race end of the exemplary nature of the work of art

“Tarrasque World” with an uncommon visit in the double principle line plot outline, Rothschild Empire and Astra tribe players will encounter distinctive Story and undertaking, the two primary lines are unique in relation to each other, additionally interlaced. Players can play any including mythical beast (Dragon Being) and savages (Barbarian), including the six races, actually compose enchantment epic!


– 16 million square meters 3D consistent guide free flight investigation

for the weighty presentation of the idea of consistent guide, with 16 million square meters of the world, the players had no compelling reason to peruse the photo. In the meantime get through the conventional hand-make a trip indicate point flight mode, 3D seeing edge control, can ride no rest free flight!

– abilities, runes, talented with the techniques for creature cultivation blood no man’s land


exemplary strategies for creature farming triangle, accomplish end-arrange visit with the group, the group recover the delight of no man’s land! What’s more, the presentation of end aptitudes in the rune framework, each employment has six noteworthy abilities, a solitary expertise with two sorts of runes, players through the mix of allowed to deliver distinctive strategic schools. For whatever length of time that the strategic legitimately, unobtrusive operation, you can without much of a stretch get cool battle involvement!

– Bloody

Fight Giant BOSS with the quality of the hand of God to appreciate the uncommon goliath BOSS fight play, more than 30 unique shapes BOSS sit tight for your test! 12 group duplicate of the Raid exercises, additionally by flying mythical serpent war monster! Little bands together with the implicit comprehension, a high likelihood of burst out of the best orange!


– ride pet joined by going with voice visit to make companions <a I = 12> constantly joined by mounts, Meng pet identity full, arrive, air two sorts of mounts to the enormous world is no longer far off, battling pets, helper pets can help players to manage every once in a while require! More companions constant voice talk, so you in this enchantment world free play when not the only one! – life profession + exchanging line expansion play fun diversion with speculative chemistry, fashioning, building, painting enchantment four assembling vocation, and mining, mining, logging, stripping four sorts of occupation, up to 60 sorts of fundamental abilities fabricating items. The new season play, military request advancement instrument, say goodbye to the customary hand travel dreary “work style” the norm.

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