Posted by Raidz on Sep 24, 2016
Crossroad of Sid  App Hack and Cheat Webtools

Crossroad of Sid App Hack and Cheat Webtools


Peace in Sid World is bothered when amazing surges of Irregulars come to expect control Sid World. Charm School is before long requiring intense understudies to wash down all the smart creatures!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■


★ The RogueLike Board RPG ★

The roguelike and table amusement style RPG happening in Sid Parallel Universe!


★ Less Waiting, More Playing ★

Hurl ivories to pick your own specific predetermination!

You may avoid battles and advance to administrator.


★ Gear Crafting and Customization ★

258 riggings and things open at your hand.

Make them, enthrall them, and change them to your own specific slant.


★ Choose your own specific holy person’s class ★

Select another class for your holy person for key favored point of view.


★ Wide Array of Skills ★

Perpetual number of dynamic and idle capacities to get ready.

Level up aptitudes by minute and make intriguing methods of your own!

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8 Responses to “Crossroad of Sid App Hack and Cheat Webtools”

  1. Leoparty says:

    Awesome man. i try to download the APK and use the Tool and its freakin amazing.

  2. Toucannon says:

    i need this hack thanks

  3. Wincubus says:

    I wonder if the APK tools is working on any android versions?

  4. Sha-Doh says:

    The Webtools is Working in iOS 10 but i want to download the app can you make app on IOS version too

  5. NaughtyCruncher says:

    Just Use it while its working thanks pal

  6. EmbarrasedCheetah says:

    This is awesome. it takes time to finish the anti spam verification but its totally worth the wait

  7. PrisonPalm says:

    The Webtools online is working. is the APK webtools working in ALL GAME APP RESOURCES admin?

  8. HungryRaccoon says:

    the only person who tells that this is not working is NOOB. its working guys just follow the simple instruction.

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