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Cover Fire Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Cover Fire Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


Lead your band of legends to a war against Tetracorp enterprise. Assemble your own particular technique in the war zone and assault your foe from all sides. Visit the gigantic stockpile and utilize effective weapons and step up your warriors with interesting abilities. Boundless activity in the best shooter diversion for versatile and tablet. Do you acknowledge the test?

Is it accurate to say that you are the legend mankind needs?




– The new experience of complete fight. Join the resistance in this Cover Fire scene loaded with projectiles, automatic rifles and adversary armed forces anxious to slaughter you. Take your weapon and lead this insurgency like a genuine war saint!

– Pioneer controls that presents to you a UNIQUE immersive SENSATION. Interface specifically your finger to the trigger. PRESS and SHOOT!

– HD illustrations with itemized scenes, loaded with particles and grapeshot. DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS. Everything interface with the player.


– Move like a genuine veteran fighter because of an ORIGINAL and immersive true to life. Charm yourself in a frantic and element experience with NON STOP ACTION. Try not to quit shooting.

– Face the fight from alternate points of view. Interchange among your hired soldiers in REAL-TIME, locate a definitive mix to end this threat.

– Supply yourself with a HUGE genuine catches based ARMAMENT. Steadfast mechanics and trademark hints of each weapon. You have never observed something like this in shooter amusements.

313– Set up your AVENGERS squad with their interesting abilities. Pick various parts: programmer, sharpshooter, devastation man… Open new EPIC characters. Have you at any point seen an inflatable dinosaur on the war zone?

The TETRACORP megacorporation is involving a few ranges over the planet stifling the towns, assuming control over their assets, and controlling each and every correspondence. Another resistance has conceived and it’s a great opportunity to destroy this danger.


Hear the calling. Set your group of hired soldiers. Begin the voyage to fight, prelude of the greatest war the earth has ever observed up until now. Before long, you will understand that the examinations in Tetracorp goes more remote than straightforward totalitarianism. The disclosure of another material, the component 115, it can choose the destiny of the humankind and it can not fall in the wrong hands.

In Cover Fire you will be the saint responsible for set a conclusion to this potential holocaust. Lead your squad of justice fighters through attacked urban communities, unwelcoming deserts and fields taken by guerrillas, and thrashing differing sort of adversaries in the war amusement with the greatest realistic and combat hardware unfurling accessible on versatile.


A definitive war involvement. Absolutely natural controls intended to make a totally immersive sensation. Hide, point, press and take out this danger.

As the pioneer of the resistance, you will confront the unpleasant armed force of the foecorp: Implacable tip top warriors, deadly unique units, mechanical tests with impervious shields… Take the control of the circumstance, manage the contention as a genuine war machine. Turned into the legend of this defiance.


– Absorbing story mode in view of the first “Cover Fire” comic, with more than 60 missions and testing standoff with the company supervisors. Destroy the threat of Tetracorp and lead an uprising. Numerous parts with several conceivable outcomes and hours of gameplay.

– Simple and instinctive controls. Submerge yourself effectively in the activity. Feel a completely new affair one of a kind in the shooter amusements condition. Press the screen, pull the trigger!

– Upgrade the abilities of each colleague. Increment their capacities, make them quicker, more grounded, more deadly. Furnish them with the best weapons and apparatuses. Step up your legend squad y lead them to triumph.

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