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CosmicBreak Adventures Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

CosmicBreak Adventures Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


“CosmicBreak Adventures” is a key RPG amusement progressively occurring in a quiet planet where something unusual happened.


lead your armada to an enormous enterprise through the profundities of the universe.

on top of a profound and intriguing story, appreciate the excite of fight where you need to put your unit individuals on the framework to drive the adversary coming continuously.



* Fight your way through the world and discover what’s behind the strange stone in solo mode!

* Fight against adversary units in PVP fights!


* A story amplified by the well known Japanese voice on-screen characters’ splendid execution!

* Yukari Tamura as crimrose and Tomokazu Sugita as zero contender will control you through inestimable epic story of their exceptional voice acting!

* Drag your cards to the best area on the lattice to pulverize the foe!


* Increase the speed of recuperation and the greatest measure of vitality accessible in coins earned ingame!

* Trigger the cosmoloid aptitudes at the correct planning and breadth away the adversary!

* Choose between assaulting abilities, protective aptitudes or steady practices while making unit!


* Choose between cutting edge, center or back cosmoloids field and make a very much adjusted unit that can beat any sort of foes!

* Put your card in the correct planning and the correct lattice area to upgrade your cosmoloids amid fights!

* Use things amid a fight and exploit the foe!

* You get hands on new cosmoloids added to the diversion by periodical updates!

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