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Compass Point : West Hack Android and iOS Webtools

Compass Point : West Hack Android and iOS Webtools


Saddle up, it’s the ideal opportunity for a standoff! Join your companions in fight on the western outskirts, fabricate and ensure your town, gather cards and manufacture your gang of wild west gunslingers.

..::: NEW! The Gold Rush has started! Find gold and pearls from the mineral mines to gather strong prizes with your force! :::..

“A major dusty thumbs-up” – Gamezebo

“A perfect, western go up against town building and barrier” – 148Apps

“The card turn on attacking system diversions is a slick one” – Toucharcade

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..::: Game Features :::..

*** BATTLE Wild West criminals and different players

*** COLLECT cards and fabricate an intense band of legends

*** JOIN a group with your companions and bring down cows hoodlums together in week after week occasions

*** BUILD and ensure your own flourishing western town

*** CHOOSE your approach to play – evenly or vertically

Your assistance is expected to develop and ensure a fresh out of the box new western town on the edge of the outskirts. Investigate the open boondocks as you free different towns from the degenerate fugitives of Orville Driller’s malicious oil domain!

Construct and run your own Wild West station close by the town Sheriff and enlisted person trusty sidekicks to ensure it. Summon your companions, shape a force and bring down cows cheats in week after week occasions.

Try not to let Orville Driller get their dirty hands on all that dark gold streaming underneath your territories or the cows hoodlums take your dairy animals and steeds.


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