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Chrono Tales Hack mod Webtools

Chrono Tales Hack mod Webtools


Prescribed by most expert turn-based player – Year 2016, the most envisioning on the web charming turn-based multiplayer portable game Chrono Tales is tempestuous propelled!

This is the most liberal diversion – all uncommon thing, cell amusement will be conceded effectively, now everybody has claim legendary animal!

Ean Irawan This game is useful, many grammar mistakes tho, and those hurt a perfectionist like me. But everywhere, this is addicting af and a really amusement crooked. You should take a break from making more server and make an assassin division, you know like, Hi injury, Hi expedition, Hi cri rate, Low hp and def

Hi, i just want to ask why i can’t execute this marathon. When i already logon, i can’t enter game. Is it maintenance or something? And i cant choose a salver too. Please respond asap, thanks. Full Review

This is a relentless diversion – Changeable outfit of player and pet; 3v3, 5v5 group coordinate insane PK! Mummy, let me get this pet first before we have our feast!

This is a gigantic intuitive versatile amusement, loads of constant correspondence, not any more fake personality! Mummy, I got my mate in Chrono Tales!

Game Feature


[General welfare; uncommon thing and cell drop.

FounDeh Reply on December 6, 2013 I left the Olympic due to mod traduce as well as helpers???. No affair how many screenshots I took and posted up on the forums of mod and helpers abuse, I close up getting a private message from trick out maxim we will expect into it, and got nothing back. Same on all servers.

This game is religious, many grammar error those, and those hurt a perfectionist like me. But overall, this is adapt af and a really diversion game. You should take a rend from doing more server and mate an assassin set, you know resembling, Hi damage, Hi velocity, Hi cri rate, Low hp and def Full Review

Player situated setting – Rare thing, legendary animals, liberal prison occasions drop, opens to open! Obtain your riches with free exchanging market.

Exemplary enthusiasm, solitary, assemble PK everything.

Rousing methods for PK, warrior field 1v1 test, Occupation challenge 3v3, hyperspace positioning test, top duel 5v5 fight imperial, five assorted coordinated occupations, and even basic player can encounter the most prospering duel.

Ongoing connection, social, PK dependably offered]

Suki Tan Some of their literature is not made by them but simply proper taken from another marathon and putting it viscera here. As a companion game sculptor this pisses me off. Worst game developer ever. Why would even muse of doing something probable this? Kaila Lawrence I have been possession problems with a part in the Pancratium multiple times now. Multiple times have I stretch out on facebook. I was told they would face into my progeny, and then that was it. Never would allow any other information and I still continue to have the problem. Servers expire fast so there never seems to be enough people to do special events with or even enough people to get done quotidian quests that enjoin a group of 3+ people. Starts out a but then it fades faithful. Freya Every stab every character has a same basic attribut. While every thrust who basically similar with phsycal attack will be the strongest. If you choose a job with witchcraft fundamental please do not envy with the phsycal basic lol. This game inhale. Imagine if we play dota with a same basic attribut in the beginning. Tommy Cabil Seriously, some of the explanation here arebso willy nilly and dumb. Hahaha. This game is fine and i have to notify you.. Its indeed addicting. And theres a morpho-syntax problem. Hahahah(but its fine) Jacob Funelas I indigence to experience the gameplay of this app but there is problem. I’ll attempt to download this game but after I intalled, the app is not continously transfer the update line, I proved some ways by exiting the Pancratium and open it, I also reset my telephone but still the problem is occured and it is totally bullsh!t wasted of season!!! Ean Irawan This game is good, many morpho-syntax mistakes tho, and those hurt a perfectionist like me. But overall, this is to af and a so diversion game. You should take a infringe from workmanship more server and make an assassin class, you ken likely, Hi detriment, Hi speed, Hi cri ratio, Low hp and def


We’re melancholy, we are unable to conclude your purchase. The local excellence exceeds your computation balance border. To extend your counteract limit, fill out your Account Details ichoglan (under Settings).

Chat, Quest, and Venture through Fantastic Lands as a Brave Warrior! Choose a torpedo and explore dungeons to combat evil warriors and earn rewards. Grow your pet and cultivate its power to gain an advantage against enemies! A real-time expedition along with other gambler in a turn based Olympic.

The Chrono Tales sincere beta is scheduled to football off now, Tuesday, January 29th. The open beta comes with a straightforward match lengthen and a new high-steady zone for players to obstruction out. Additionally, a new VIP status is accruing for players earning enough diamonds to finish the special membership level.

It’s a amazing game! I in fact love it, but is there a way to get diamonds without paying? If not, can you annex separate currency’s so it’ll be easier for some folks. Me inclosed since my currency is inclosure, and I don’t understand the dollar system. Either way, great crooked! Pretty good

basically your typical auto Pancratium,if you like hitting 20+ in 4 minutes,not even doing anything besides clicking on a quest for auto-pathing this is your lame. individually I don’t even know how this can even be devise as a game. Full Review

Assortments of social framework, marriage, relationship, sworn, apprenticeship, groups, exchanging framework, continuous collaboration charge for companions, marvels and nice looking are anticipating you!

[Adorable Pets, many capacities for coolly combination]

Couples of entertaining anime pet, abundant pet selection frameworks, several capacities mix; you can make your own particular remarkable pet that helps you in each war.

[Reinvention form adornments for modern figure]

Our initially creation: part embellishments and mold moving framework, player may appreciate the each parts mix and shading changes, make yourself distinctive with others, say Bye to same outfit!

[Adventure or recreation, shared love or admiration]

Join the Rainbow enterprise or and so on.., it comprise of manufacturing, mixture creator, development and so on assortments of couple play mode, you will never resign from amusement!

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