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Bright continent Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Bright continent Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


“Bright continent” by the NetEase amusement F studio joint North American studio push to create, and welcomed Hollywood-class varying media group over the blade framework 3D genuine MMORPG enchantment epic hand visit. The amusement has a 360 degree free viewpoint, 12.96 million square meters of huge world and 2K HD diversion determination. The amusement presents a dynamic battle framework, fingertips smaller scale operation goodbye station. Players can appreciate the cool continuous group Raid duplicate and epic pioneers of the superb accomplishments in the portable side to appreciate the end-level battling and social experience. Moreover, the amusement likewise gives players many customized suit, Variety mounts and rich characters activity and expression.


[] Four Features

· worldwide R and D group of Hollywood’s top varying media reference framework

with a specific end goal to give the players displayed the most quality gaming background, Netease welcomed music by “Star Wars-The Old Republic,” the GORDY HAAB and the London Symphony Orchestra, London Chorus Mission, recording the new diversion music BGM at Abbey Road Studios, known as the origination of the day dish. In the meantime, including the film “Mafia”, “Batman”, the amusement “Universe of Warcraft”, “Radiation 4” and numerous other understood works of seiyuu likewise took an interest in the “splendid mainland” part naming, Immersive feeling of Hollywood-level varying media encounter.


· Epic new section 12.96 million level World investigation

so as to offer players to make unadulterated enchantment style, “brilliant terrain” China-US craftsmanship group expended over 30,000 hours of masterpiece, light plan original copy which has more than 500G. Netease self-consider T-REX motor support, “brilliant mainland” has a 360-degree free point of view, 2K HD amusement determination, fragile 3D picture precision and general execution has come to or even past the end-level quality.


· A Fun fingertips micromanagement playful go dynamic battling


as a removable cast the main versatile stage diversion, “splendid mainland” with another activity combination innovation, giving players go, hopping and other activity operations. Practically speaking, the player can take an adaptable stroll to maintain a strategic distance from the foe’s assault, and by strolling around the best approach to battle the kite or indirect adversaries. Activity into the operation, will bring players all the more battling fun, additional
ly for the late amusement PVP combat zone, the field play to bring more space.


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