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Battle Crasher: Spin it! Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Battle Crasher: Spin it! Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


“Fight Crasher : Spin it” is a simple to-learn RPG where you have to deal with your “Turn”.

By “Turning a reel” , you will “investigate prisons” , “battle creatures” and “gather treasures”.

In the event that it would appear that “you will kick the bucket”, you can simply “withdraw” from the fight and rest at “bar”.


At “bar”, you can “turn the reel” to “get a few wines” to “reestablish your wellbeing” or you may include in “a battle or two” and “get hit by some wine bottles”. So attempt your luckiness!

Goodness! I neglected to specify that you may experience “Moro”, the professional killer. so be careful..but everything relies on upon your “fortunes of the day”.

Attempt “Wheel Of Fortune” to get some “soulstones”to “redesign” your character.


The “soulstones” are just accessible from “Wheel Of Fortune”, so you ought to continue going to this menu when you have “Red stones”.

Ah…at last the “red stone”!!

In the event that you click “in addition to” sign alongside “red stone” , you will enter a “peak administration” window.


Drag the gathered “peaks” onto “astound board” of redstone.

Each time you finish a column, you will get an arbitrary number of “redstones”. Test your fortunes here!

Just with “redstones”, you can swing the “Wheel Of Fortune” and wish to get “soulstones”.

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